Collection: Mountain Glasses for Mountaineering and Hiking

Mountain glasses for activities such as trekking, Nordic walking, mountaineering, ski mountaineering, and climbing

Mountain glasses designed to withstand any weather conditions.

The realm of the mountains encompasses a wide array of disciplines, ranging from the serene immersion of trekking to the exhilarating rush of climbing and alpinism. For those devoted to the mountains, it embodies a true philosophy of life. The whisper of the wind through the meadows, the rush of water in nearby streams, the sights and scents of nature, and the quietude of the summit—all contribute to our profound connection with these majestic landscapes. Our triumph in reaching the summit brings us immense satisfaction, while the breathtaking vistas before us stir our souls. These are the details that stir our emotions and have transformed our footsteps into a genuine lifestyle that we cannot bear to part with.

DEMON has been crafted for outdoor enthusiasts who engage in alpinism, ski touring, climbing, hiking, and Nordic walking—a line of technical glasses meticulously designed to the finest detail. These glasses empower athletes to embrace the mountains and confront all manner of atmospheric conditions, allowing them to focus solely on what truly matters: experiencing the mountains to the fullest and achieving peak performance.

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Choosing mountain and mountaineering glasses will enable you to safeguard your eyes effectively in any lighting and weather conditions, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in nature and focus solely on performance.

In the DEMON line of mountain glasses, you will find models featuring:

    • Polarized photochromic lenses 2 - 4: Recommended for mountaineering, ski mountaineering, and hiking, these glasses are designed to adapt to changing UV intensities by transitioning from a starting category of 2 to reaching Category 4 at peak activity. Additionally, they come with the benefits of polarized lenses, enhancing contrast perception of natural colors and providing sharper, more relaxed vision even in extreme light conditions. This ensures optimal performance in any atmospheric conditions, as we are well aware of the unpredictable nature of the mountains.
    • Photochromic lenses 2 - 4: Recommended for mountaineering, ski mountaineering, and hiking, these glasses adapt to varying UV intensities, transitioning from a starting category of 2 to reaching Category 4 at peak activity. This ensures optimal performance in any atmospheric conditions, as we are well aware of the unpredictable nature of the mountains.
    • Category 4 lenses: Recommended for hiking, mountaineering, and Nordic walking, these glasses feature very dark lenses, often utilized on glaciers. They are most effective in areas of strong brightness and UV intensity. While Category 4 lenses are typically reserved for mountaineering glasses, they can also be beneficial for hikers and trekkers who are particularly sensitive to intense light.
    • Category 3 lenses: Recommended for Nordic Walking, Hiking, and Climbing, these glasses feature medium-dark lenses suitable for trips at low altitudes where the use of darker lenses is not necessary. The Category 3 lens is versatile and can be used by any trekker seeking mountain glasses for outings at lower altitudes.
    • Polarized lenses: Recommended for Hiking, Climbing, and Nordic Walking, these glasses feature the most comfortable lens ever, providing better perception of the contrast of natural colors and a clearer vision. Additionally, the polarized lens option is available for trekkers seeking mountain glasses to accompany them on every outing.
  • Revo Anti-fog lenses: Recommended for Hiking and Nordic Walking, these glasses feature a Category 3 lens that offers comparable comfort to a polarized lens. Externally, they boast a super mirroring finish, which has become essential even in the mountain world. The internal surface is treated with an anti-fog treatment to ensure optimal visibility throughout your route, even during phases of intense exertion when body temperature rises rapidly. The new generation lens provides HD vision, offering perfect contrast of natural colors and clear vision even in shaded areas, enhancing your outdoor experience in nature.
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Ultra-lightweight frames resistant to high and low temperatures:

The frames of these mountain glasses are crafted from a special composition of TR90, Nylon, and Carbon Fiber, making them 20% lighter than conventional materials and more resilient to accidental impacts and strains. TR90 proves to be the optimal material for crafting mountain and mountaineering glasses due to its superior resistance to both high and low temperatures.

For certain models, an adjustable elastic band made from Neoprene is included to provide a better fit and grip during the most demanding passages, useful for climbing sections and practicing alpinism. In the case of the COLORADO model, a rim is incorporated for the complete installation of the elastic band, while for other models, a special hole in the frame is designated for its attachment.

Mountain glasses for mountaineering photochromic polarized mirrored lenses

Furthermore, depending on the model, there is an internal sweatband sponge that is removable and made of hypoallergenic rubber. This feature prevents drops of sweat from entering the eyes during phases of greater fatigue and also provides protection from lateral sun rays. This technology is particularly appreciated by those who practice alpinism.

Additionally, for certain models, nose pads are adjustable to ensure the best fit and excellent comfort. These pads are made of hypoallergenic rubber with an aluminum core, designed specifically to adapt to every facial physiognomy.

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The elastic cord and sweat sponge are also highly valued by individuals seeking climbing glasses that provide a secure fit to the face and remain stable even during intense vibrations or sudden head movements. Every aspect of DEMON mountain glasses is geared towards providing maximum eye protection, even in extreme light conditions and with prolonged use.

What about those who require prescription lenses?

For those who wear prescription eyeglasses regularly, DEMON has created OPTO OUTDOOR RX, mountain and mountaineering glasses that support clip-on optics. In the clip-on optics of the vista sport model, graduated lenses can be fitted by your trusted optician.

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