Collection: Mountain Glasses with Category 4 Smoke Lenses


The excursion in the high mountains and on the glacier represents complete detachment from the city and total immersion in nature. Mountaineers, hikers, and mountain enthusiasts are constantly seeking technical materials that help them reach the summit and make each excursion unique.

Protecting your eyes adequately is as fundamental as choosing the right shoes or outerwear. In the mountains and high altitudes, UV rays and sunlight are much more intense due to less shielding from urban smog and the significant role of altitude.

Using mountain glasses with category 4 smoke lenses is the optimal solution for those planning excursions at high altitudes, glaciers, and during days with very strong light conditions. The category 4 lens, darker than category 3, is particularly suitable for hikers who are particularly affected by the strong light typical of mountain environments. This special lens allows the eyes to remain relaxed throughout the entire excursion, even in prohibitive light conditions.

Mountain glasses with category 4 lenses are commonly used for extreme expeditions such as Everest, K2, and peaks above 4000 meters. Due to the type and darkness of the lens, these glasses help avoid constant glare from intense light conditions. Additionally, at high altitudes, the reflection of snow disperses light rays upwards.

Montain glasses with category 4 lenses for mountaineering

The category 4 mountain lens can also be used for excursions at lower altitudes as additional eye protection. They provide a greater sense of relaxation for the eyes compared to the use of category 3 lenses, especially during prolonged use.

Technical characteristics of mountain glasses with category 4 lenses:

    • Protection from UV and perfect vision: Category 4 mountain lenses are created for mountaineering are now used for hiking at lower altitudes because they are very restful for the eye even in strong light conditions typical of the mountains. The lenses are equipped with anti-fog treatment. The category 4 mountain lens is particularly suitable for all mountaineers who suffer from very strong light, which often makes vision difficult of the route. Choose this one special lens is equivalent to a guarantee to be able to enjoy your excursions to the fullestone.
    • Unbreakable lens: All mountain glasses with category 4 lenses are constructed with anti-break polycarbonate lenses. Polycarbonate is the ideal material for technical lenses in mountain environments due to its safety features. In the event of an accidental impact, the lens does not produce fragments that could harm the eye. Instead, it distributes the shock across the entire surface of the lens, creating a spider web visual effect that renders the lens unusable.
    • Ultralight frames: All mountain goggle frames with category 4 lenses are made of TR90, a special composition of Nylon and Carbon fiber which makes the glasses 20% lighter than conventional materials, more resistant to high and low temperatures, and more resistant to impacts and mechanical traction. TR90 is hypoallergenic, thus can be worn for extended periods without irritating the skin. The rubberized parts are crafted from soft Megol, also hypoallergenic, not only enhancing comfort but featuring Grip technology which increases stability on the face.
    • Technologies: Some models of mountain glasses with category 4 lenses are equipped with specific technologies that enhance their performance. It is important to carefully choose the model based on your needs in order to fully utilize the available technologies.

The OUTDOOR and MAKALU models are equipped with a sweat sponge made of soft hypoallergenic material. It serves to prevent light from filtering laterally and to prevent dust, insects, and leaves from coming into contact with the eyes. Additionally, it provides protection from the cold when used at low temperatures. All three models come with a removable elastic cord to enhance the grip of the glasses on the face.

mountain glasses with category 4 lenses with accessories

All items are delivered in a hard case for added protection of the glasses when they are placed in the backpack.

Hard case for sports sunglasses

For those who wear eyeglasses?

The model was created for those who wear prescription glasses and are seeking mountain glasses with category 4 lenses like OUTDOOR, featuring an internal eyeglass clip to attach prescription lenses. The advantage lies in using technical mountain glasses in combination with prescription lenses.

Prescription mountain glasses category 4 lenses for hiking and mountaineering