Collection: Prescription sports glasses with mirrored lenses


For every athlete who needs corrective lenses, it is essential to choose eyeglasses that perfectly combine the need for clear vision with practicality and aesthetics, both during sports practice and in everyday use. It is crucial to determine which type of lens is best suited for practicing your favorite sport.

For all sports enthusiasts, DEMON has created a line of sports prescription glasses with DMIRROR mirrored lenses that can be used outdoors, allowing athletes and enthusiasts to optimize their performance while focusing solely on their sport.

Glasses vista sport with mirrored lenses for all sports

The prescription sports glasses with DMIRROR mirrored lenses feature a special design with a removable vision board, allowing for the insertion of prescription lenses as desired through your trusted optician.

Opting for prescription sports glasses with DMIRROR mirrored lenses offers one of the best performing and cost-effective solutions currently available on the market. Using sports glasses with a removable vision board simplifies the prescription process. Positioned closer to the eye at base 6, these lenses can be smaller yet still ensure perfect vision, lighter due to their reduced size, and less expensive. The clip prescription system provides an excellent alternative to those who would otherwise have to customize the curved lens of sports glasses, which can risk creating lateral visual distortions and be very expensive.

Technical characteristics of the prescription sports glasses with interchangeable lenses:

  • Smoke lens category 3: All eyewear models in the prescription sports line with mirrored lenses come equipped with category 3 smoke lenses. Internally, the lens has a smoke-colored base, while externally, there is a colored mirroring based on the frame color, which adds aesthetic value without affecting the performance of the glasses. The category 3 smoke lens is recommended for outdoor use in conditions with strong to medium brightness. This type of lens is highly versatile and suitable for various outdoor sports such as cycling, running, tennis, beach volleyball, golf, sailing, fishing, water sports, and flying. It can also be used for low-altitude mountain excursions. For mountaineering, there is a special model with a category 4 and photochromic 2-4 lens, providing optimal eye protection under very intense light conditions.

    • Shatterproof Lenses: A fundamental characteristic of prescription Sports glasses with mirrored lenses is the unbreakability of the lenses. Utilizing shatterproof lenses is crucial for ensuring maximum eye protection. In the event of an accidental impact, these lenses do not produce fragments that could harm the eye. Instead, they distribute the shock of the impact across the entire surface of the lens, creating a 'cobweb' effect that renders it ineffective. It's important to opt for shatterproof lenses, especially for prescription lenses applied on an optical clip.

    • Optical clip: The optical clip is a specialized vision support onto which corrective lenses can be applied through your trusted optician. This clip is removable at will; in fact, the glasses can be used as regular glasses even without using the clip if you intend to practice your discipline using contact lenses.

  • Ultralight and Elastic Frame: Considering the dual prescription lens, the glasses become heavier on the front. Therefore, it is necessary to use an ultra-light, elastic, and resistant frame that ensures a comfortable fit. All eyeglass frames in the prescription sport line with mirrored lenses are made of TR90, a special composition of Nylon and carbon fiber which makes the frame 20% lighter than conventional materials. TR90 is also more resistant to high and low temperatures, and more durable over time. Additionally, TR90 is hypoallergenic, allowing it to remain in contact with the skin even after prolonged use without causing irritation. The GRIP rubberized parts are made of soft Megol, a hypoallergenic material that prevents the glasses from slipping off the face, even during strong vibrations or sudden movements.
prescription sports glasses with optical clip for all sports mirrored lenses

What sports can they be used for?

The prescription sports glasses with mirrored lenses can be used for every type of sport. Below, we list the main disciplines for which the glasses can be used and the main benefits of their use:

    • ROAD BIKE: For road cycling, using sports glasses with mirrored lenses not only enhances aesthetics but also offers significant benefits in optimizing your view of the road and reading instruments such as speedometers, GPS devices, and more. Additionally, you can select the appropriate lens based on weather conditions for consistent clarity, even during extended rides.

    • RUNNING e TRAIL RUNNING: For running and trail running, the same principle of changing lenses based on weather conditions applies. We recommend using the mirrored smoke lens for marathons, half marathons, ultramarathons, or any trail running outing, especially on days with very intense sunlight.

    • PARAGLIDING: For paragliding, flying sports, and even piloting a tourist plane, using sports glasses with mirrored smoke lenses is crucial for maintaining a clear view of the instruments, especially in intense sunlight and during prolonged use.

    • WATER SPORTS: For sailing, related disciplines, or simply driving the boat, glasses from the prescription Sport line with mirrored lenses will allow correct reading of the instruments and clear vision under any conditions of very intense light.

    • BEACH VOLLEY: The Prescription Sports glasses with mirrored lenses for beach volleyball can be used in all light, sand, and air conditions.

    • TENNIS: As for beach volleyball, use glasses for tennis practice prescription sports with mirrored lenses allows the athlete to be able to use the glasses outdoor.

  • GOLF: For golf, using glasses with mirrored lenses, in addition to the aesthetic factor, will bring numerous benefits in terms of eye relaxation and perfect vision, especially with prolonged use and in very intense light conditions.
prescription sport glasses for all sports running cycling outdoor with mirrored lenses