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Using sports glasses with smoke lenses for your favorite outdoor activities is an excellent way to maximize your time while ensuring maximum eye protection and safety for the athlete.

Pair of blue mirrored lenses for sports glasses with mirrored lenses

Sports glasses with category 3 smoke lenses from the DEMON line are technical eyewear designed for outdoor sports, offering versatility across various disciplines.

Technical characteristics of sports glasses with category 3 smoke lenses:

Smoke Lens: The category 3 smoke lens ensures protection from UV rays, making it ideal for any sporting activity involving prolonged exposure to sunlight. This lens provides maximum coverage performance in intense light conditions, maintaining a pleasant sense of eye relaxation throughout its use.

The smoke lens is suitable for a wide range of sports, including Beach Volleyball, Tennis, Golf, Flying, and other outdoor activities.

Unbreakable Lens: Safety is paramount, and the smoke lenses are crafted from high-quality solid polycarbonate, ensuring both lightweight and exceptional safety. In the event of an accidental impact, the shock is evenly distributed across the lens surface, preventing the creation of small fragments that could harm the eyes. This spiderweb effect, while potentially invalidating the lens, crucially protects the eyes. When evaluating sports glasses with smoke lenses for your preferred activity, ensure that maximum protection is guaranteed alongside optimal comfort.

Ultra-Light and Elastic Frames: All frames of sports glasses with category 3 smoke lenses are made from TR90, a special blend of Nylon and Carbon Fiber that renders the glasses 20% lighter than frames made with conventional materials. These glasses are more resistant and elastic, providing increased comfort during use and ensuring prolonged durability. Additionally, TR90 frames offer superior resistance to extreme temperatures, making them suitable for year-round use. The rubberized parts, made of soft hypoallergenic Megol, not only enhance comfort but also provide a grip function, increasing stability on the face even during intense vibrations.


Main sports of use:

  • Beach volley: Using sports glasses with smoke lenses for beach volleyball offers an excellent combination of maximum eye relaxation and safety in the event of impacts. These glasses, equipped with category 3 smoke lenses, are ideal for beach volleyball and can also be used after the game. They provide an optimal solution given the intense solar and UV brightness typically present on the beach, primarily caused by the reflections of sea water and to a lesser extent by sand scattering light. Therefore, wearing smoke lenses even after a day of beach volleyball ensures you avoid the typical eye strain resulting from prolonged exposure to intense light without adequate or sufficiently dark filters.
sports glasses with mirrored lenses for beach volleyball
  • Tennis: When playing tennis outdoors, using sports glasses with smoke lenses is akin to wearing high-definition lenses that enable precise identification of the ball's color. This can make the difference between executing a perfect shot and a less accurate one. The fit of sports glasses with smoke lenses for tennis is superior to conventional frames, offering better adherence to the face even during the abrupt movements typical of tennis. Additionally, the shatterproof lens provides protection for the eyes in the event of a strong impact with the ball.
sports glasses with mirrored lenses for tennis
  • Golf: The benefits of using glasses with category 3 smoke lenses for golf are numerous. Firstly, the preservation of natural colors and enhanced contrast enables athletes to concentrate solely on their performance. Your eyes will remain relaxed throughout the entire game. Moreover, the heightened contrast allows for more precise tracking of the ball, facilitating better identification of trajectory and distance.
sports glasses with mirrored lenses for golf

  • Sailing and Water Sports: Water serves as a mirror, reflecting sunlight. Utilizing glasses with super mirrored smoke lenses for sailing and water sports helps shield against light reflections and provides protection from accidental impacts from the boat or falls. For extended periods of use, the category 3 smoke lens in water conditions ensures that your eyes remain consistently relaxed even in bright conditions.
sports glasses with mirrored lenses for sailing and water sports
  • Sport fishing: For sport fishing, many benefits of water sports can be applicable. However, it is much more efficient for this discipline to utilize polarized lenses.
sports glasses with mirrored lenses for sport fishing

  • Flying Sports: For activities like paragliding, hang gliding, gliding, and flying airplanes, it's crucial to use sunglasses that ensure optimal eye relaxation and clear vision of the landscape and instruments. Similar to mountain environments, UV exposure is stronger at high altitudes. Therefore, employing sports glasses with a category 3 smoke filter for prolonged use can significantly impact eye fatigue after the flight, ensuring eyes remain perfectly rested.
sports glasses with mirrored lenses for flying sports
  • All the sports: We also recommend the use of multisport glasses with category 3 smoke lenses for the practice of any outdoor sport.

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