Collection: Cycling and MTB glasses with Smoke Category 3 lenses


There are many types of lenses and specific glasses models for road cycling and mountain biking, ranging from components for bicycle engineering to clothing, eyewear, and accessories. Every cyclist meticulously researches and selects the most suitable materials according to their needs. Unfortunately, not all materials are always explained accurately, which can lead to confusion and incorrect choices due to insufficient or misleading explanations of materials and technologies.

Demon has developed a line of cycling glasses with smoke category lenses, ideal for training and days with medium to strong brightness. These glasses are suitable for both road cycling and mountain biking.

Cycling sunglasses mirrored lenses neon yellow color

Aesthetically, the collection includes models with separate lenses that can be used for both MTB and road cycling, as well as glasses with a single "mask" lens, primarily used for road cycling but adaptable for mountain biking due to their characteristics.

Whether cycling glasses with smoke lenses are used for mountain biking or road cycling, it is essential that the athlete always maintains perfect and consistent vision of the road or path.

Lens Features:

    • Shatterproof lenses: It's not only crucial to maintain a clear view of the road, but it's also equally essential to ensure complete eye safety in case of accidental impacts. The category 3 smoke lenses of cycling and mountain bike glasses are made of unbreakable plastic material. In addition to the shape that shields the eyes from the air, they can withstand accidental impacts (falls or collisions with obstacles) and projections encountered during the journey (such as insects, pebbles, dust, leaves, and branches). In the event of a very strong impact, the lens does not shatter or produce small fragments that could harm the eye. Instead, it forms a spiderweb-like effect that disperses and contains the impact across the entire surface of the lens, rendering it ineffective.

    • Sense of depth: Another fundamental aspect is the correct perception of depth. These characteristics are referred to as "decentration" and "optically perfect lens," respectively. Having a lens that distorts the sense of depth, as well as creating intoxicating sensations, can make the athlete perceive an obstacle as being displaced even by 5 centimeters, which could lead to a disastrous fall. The cycling and MTB smoke lenses are decentred and optically perfect to ensure that the athlete maintains constant and accurate vision of their path.

    • Protection from the air: Lenses and frames are designed to safeguard the eyes while ensuring continuous ventilation and preventing fogging even in moments of reduced air circulation.

Colors of the lenses:

The category 3 smoke lens for cycling and MTB glasses is designed to provide maximum relaxation for the cyclist's eyes on very intense sunny days, even with prolonged use. The mirrored lens, in addition to its strong aesthetic value, deflects transverse rays of light, further enhancing the relaxation for the eyes.
We recommend this type of glasses for use on very intense sunny days and in cloudy weather with good brightness. However, we do not recommend using them at night or in very cloudy/rainy weather.

cyclist wears road cycling glasses with category 3 smoke mirrored lenses

Frame features:
The frames of the cycling and MTB glasses with category 3 smoke mirrored lenses are made of TR90, a special composition of hypoallergenic nylon and carbon fiber, which makes the cycling glasses 20% lighter than conventional materials and more resistant to impacts and mechanical traction. This significantly increases the lifespan of the glasses. TR90 is a special composition equipped with "memory," meaning that the glasses widen to adapt to the shape of the head when worn and return to their original shape when removed. Additionally, TR90 resists high and low temperatures without deformation.

Generally, the choice of cycling and mountain bike glasses with smoke lenses is because you are seeking glasses to be used primarily on beautiful days and in cloudy weather, especially for frequent training sessions, due to their lower cost compared to glasses with interchangeable, photochromic, or polarized lenses.

triathlete wears cycling glasses with category 3 light blue smoke mirrored lenses