Collection: Cycling Glasses for Road Cycling and Mountain Bike

Cycling glasses for road cycling and mountain biking

DEMON loves the world of cycling just like you, and has created a line of Cycling Glasses for road and MTB glasses to allow professionals or even simple enthusiasts to focus solely on performance and the countless emotions that cycling gives us.Cycling is hard work, dedication, sacrifice, and perseverance.

Every athlete constantly challenges themselves against possible pitfalls, tension, physical fatigue, atmospheric conditions, and their own limits. But cycling, whether on the road or mountain biking, embraces all these aspects. It cherishes the effort of the journey, the satisfaction of reaching the destination, enjoying the view, and smiling at the accomplishment. Hearing the sound of your pedaling amidst the surrounding nature, isolating yourself from the city, and living the philosophy of life that two wheels teach us.

Protection from the light

Whether you're a professional or a simple enthusiast, you'll find cycling glasses to be your precious ally. These accessories feature an enveloping design, and the frame is typically made of lightweight and durable materials, usually plastic, to provide protection from the wind and light. Cycling glasses are not just a mere aesthetic accessory for cyclists; they serve the function of protecting the eyes from light, UV rays, air, and various projections such as insects, dust, leaves, and branches. Choosing the right cycling glasses is therefore crucial for performance and protection, and thanks to their design and lines, they can also become an excellent aesthetic accessory for the most discerning cyclist. All cycling glasses must prioritize comfort, which is why the frame and temples are designed to offer the best comfort under any type of cycling helmet.

Cycling glasses for racing bikes, mountain bikes, cyclocross, touring and triathlon

Choosing cycling glasses is essential for several factors:

  • Ensuring constant and perfect vision of your route, whether on dirt or asphalt.

  • Providing maximum safety in case of accidental impacts with obstacles or projections.

  • Offering better relaxation for the eyes even when exposed to very intense light and during prolonged use.

  • Featuring refined and always innovative aesthetics.

For which disciplines can cycling glasses be used?:

  • Road cycling: For road cycling, the trend in terms of shape is that of goggle glasses. The preferred style features a very large mirrored lens, offering excellent protection from air, dust, and insects, as well as prolonged exposure to strong sunlight. All frames are designed with aerodynamic shapes to ensure proper airflow, promoting ventilation and effectively preventing lens fogging on racing bike glasses. It's important to note that each pair of racing bike glasses is created for maximum comfort and provides a wide field of vision to effectively see possible lateral obstacles. Our collections include models with multilayer mirrored lenses, ideal for road cycling. Additionally, for those seeking a highly technical lens, models with photochromic lenses such as DCHROM® (which adapt by lightening and darkening with each change in light along the path) are also available.

Single lens mirrored cycling glasses for racing bikes and mountain bikes

  • Mountain Bike: For mountain biking, the preferred choice is cycling glasses equipped with photochromic lenses that darken and lighten based on the changes in light along the route. All MTB cycling eyewear frames feature a wrap-around design to provide maximum protection from air, leaves, branches, and insects. The frames are also ultralight with non-slip rubberized parts to ensure maximum comfort during the ride. Additionally, the lenses are anti-breakage to provide maximum protection for the athlete's eyes from accidental impacts, even those that are very strong. Utilizing technical cycling glasses for mountain biking not only ensures maximum safety but also guarantees constant and perfect visibility of the path, thereby enhancing one's performance.


  • Cycle tourism: Those who practice cycle touring require versatile cycling glasses that can adapt to all lighting and atmospheric conditions while effectively protecting the cyclist's eyes from air, dust, insects, and any other debris encountered during the journey. Therefore, it is essential to select wrap-around glasses that can be worn comfortably for extended periods, even in very bright sunlight. We recommend opting for the photochromic lens DCHROM® for cycle tourism. For this discipline as well, all frames are designed to be safe and comfortable, enabling cyclists to focus solely on the road and the joy of cycling.
Glasses for cycling touring

    • Cyclocross: For the practice of cyclocross, both road cycling glasses and mountain bike glasses can be used. There is no strict rule; it depends on the athlete's preference. However, it is crucial to choose wraparound glasses that shield the cyclist's eyes from air, insects, mud, and any other elements that may come into contact with the eyes. When selecting cyclocross glasses, a stable frame that remains secure on the face even during intense vibrations is essential. The lenses should be unbreakable to provide optimal protection for the athlete's eyes, even in the event of strong accidental impacts.

Triathlon glasses for cycling and running

  • Triathlon: For the practice of triathlon, both during the race/training phase and when cycling, athletes have the same need for eye protection as those who practice road cycling. In triathlon, like in road cycling, the trend is towards the use of cycling glasses with mirrored lenses. Both models with a single lens mask and those with separate lenses can be used. The lightweight and comfortable design of the glasses is essential for prolonged use, especially in events like Ironman, while ensuring perfect eye protection even in intense sunlight. All frames are designed to be enveloping to provide maximum protection from air, insects, and dust. Rubberized parts prevent glasses from slipping, especially during periods of intense effort when precise technical gestures are crucial. Therefore, triathletes need to choose cycling glasses that are extremely comfortable and provide a secure fit for maximum stability.
Cycling glasses demon for racing bikes and mountain bikes

Which lenses to choose?

In the line of Cycling glasses DEMON, find models with:

    • Smoke Photochromic Lenses: Recommended for both MTB and road cycling, these lenses react to changes in UV intensity by darkening and lightening through a chemical process. This ensures perfect visibility in all circumstances and weather conditions. Photochromic cycling glasses are essential for cyclists who demand top performance from their eyewear and once tried, they become indispensable. The smoke photochromic lens is perfect for those seeking cycling glasses with a transparent starting point, which can also be used for night rides or simple eye protection from the wind. This lens allows for clear vision of the route even in low light conditions, such as dense forests or tunnels, for extended periods.

photochromic lenses for road and mtb cycling

    • Mirrored Photochromic Lenses: Recommended for both road cycling and mountain biking, these lenses represent the pinnacle of evolution for cycling glasses. They start with a slight haze, ideal for low-light conditions, and reach category 3 at maximum darkness. The unique feature of these lenses is their aesthetic appeal; when darkened, they reflect colors such as red or blue, depending on the chosen tint. These mirrored photochromic lenses are highly reactive, making them perfect for mountain biking where light conditions can change rapidly. They provide excellent protection for the cyclist's eyes even in bright sunlight and during extended use. Moreover, these lenses can achieve greater darkness than normal photochromic lenses when necessary, adjusting to the UV and solar intensity along the route. However, they may not be suitable for night rides due to their relatively dark tint in low-light conditions.

Cycling sunglasses with photochromic mirrored lens

    • Photochromic lenses DCHROM®: Also recommended for both MTB and road cycling, the new DCHROM® lenses represent the evolution of photochromic technology. They start from a slightly darker base (category 1 smoke) compared to other photochromic lenses but reach full category 3 in their maximum working phase. Apart from their impressive speed of light-dark transition, they offer a remarkable sense of relaxation to your eyes, even on days with intense solar radiation. These cycling glasses can achieve greater darkness than normal photochromic lenses when necessary, adjusting to the UV and solar intensity along the route. The DCHROM® lens constantly adapts to your surroundings, ensuring optimal vision in any atmospheric condition. However, they may not be suitable for night rides due to their relatively dark tint in artificial lighting conditions.


photochromic lenses for road cycling
    • Interchangeable lenses: Recommended for both disciplines, the mirrored lens with category 3 protection not only shields your road cycling glasses from the sun and UV rays but also adds a bold aesthetic to your look. You can experiment with daring and eccentric colors to set trends within your cycling group and beyond. As part of the accessories for cycling glasses with interchangeable lenses, you'll find a pair of orange lenses, recommended for low-light or rainy days, and a pair of transparent lenses, suitable for night use or simply for protection from airborne particles.


cycling glasses with interchangeable lenses for racing bikes and mtb

  • Mirrored lenses: Mainly used as glasses for road cycling, but they can also be effectively used for mountain biking outings. The super mirroring on the exterior surface completely blocks external visibility. Internally, an anti-fog treatment ensures that you maintain clear vision of the route even during intense efforts when body temperature rises significantly. The new generation lenses offer HD vision, providing perfect contrast of natural colors and clear visibility even in shaded areas, enhancing the enjoyment of your favorite sport.
women's goggle glasses for cycling with blue mirrored lenses model performance
  • Polarized Lenses: The polarized lens ensures protection from UV rays, but it offers more than that: this special type of lens is capable of focusing or scattering light rays and reducing UV-A and UV-B radiation through a polarizing filter that eliminates horizontal reflections. Due to these features, it can be utilized in various sports and leisure activities, reducing eye fatigue.

The advantages of polarized lenses are:

  • Better contrast perception
  • Clearer vision
  • No alteration of natural colors

All cycling glasses lenses from the DEMON line are made of high-quality polycarbonate. Polycarbonate, in addition to ensuring a clear view of the road thanks to the decentralization of the lens, is an ultra-resistant material in case of impacts with obstacles. In fact, in the event of an accidental impact, the lens distributes the shock across the entire surface, avoiding the formation of fragments that could damage the eye, creating a spiderweb effect that renders the cycling glasses lens invalid.

polarized glasses for road and mtb cycling

All the lenses of cycling glasses are shatterproof, meaning that even in the event of a very strong impact, the lens does not break or create fragments that could damage the eyes, but instead forms a spiderweb effect that renders the lens invalid. Using cycling glasses with shatterproof lenses allows the athlete to focus solely on performance, ensuring maximum eye protection.

Ultralight and elastic frames:

The aerodynamic structure of the lenses of cycling and mountain bike glasses is designed to best protect your eyes from the air, while also ensuring optimal ventilation to allow athletes to enjoy their favorite activity with a constant and pleasant sensation of relaxation for their eyes.

The frames by DEMON are made of TR90, a special composition of Carbon Fiber and Nylon, making the cycling glasses 20% lighter than conventional materials and more resistant to accidental impacts and wear. This ensures greater durability over time.The frame of models with a free lens underneath ensures high ventilation and facilitates the passage of air between the lenses, preventing condensation. They are suitable for intense and prolonged efforts, such as vertical climbs.The shape of cycling glasses is tapered and aerodynamic. Many models are designed for use in both disciplines. For example, the wider structure of the temples not only serves aesthetic purposes but also protects laterally from obstacles such as leaves and branches typical of mountain biking.

The TR90 used for cycling and MTB glasses is a hypoallergenic composite and can be used for prolonged periods without irritating the skin. It also provides grip on the inside of the temples, besides stability, particularly appreciated for MTB. It is made of ultra-light material to minimize the weight of the cycling glasses.All frames are built with elastic materials that are resistant to accidental impacts, providing maximum protection for the athlete's face.For many models in the line of road cycling and mountain bike glasses, an adjustable nose pad is provided to achieve an excellent fit for every type of face.Our models are designed and crafted with attention to the smallest detail. Each model has its own technical characteristics necessary to meet the requirements of the discipline, from the curvature of the lenses to the width of the temples.

Mirrored lens mountain bike glasses gravel Matt White

Why use cycling glasses?

Cycling glasses are a fundamental accessory for professional athletes, competitors, and amateurs throughout the year.

In the summer seasons, they protect the eyes from the intense sunlight, wind, insects, and various projections, while in the colder months, they provide an effective barrier against the air, rain, and possible fog.

The correct choice of lens shade is crucial to maintain a constant and clear view of the route.

Which lens to choose?

The choice of cycling glasses lens is crucial based on the discipline you practice:

  • Mountain Bike: Athletes who practice mountain biking choose cycling glasses with photochromic lenses because they need a reactive lens that darkens and lightens based on the light variations of their route.
  • Road cycling: Those who practice road cycling can choose either cycling glasses with mirrored lenses or glasses with fixed or interchangeable lenses like DCHANGE. However, many also use photochromic lenses, especially if their program includes a return after sunset or an early departure. Furthermore, it's also possible to choose polarized lenses (recommended for summer outings with strong sunlight).
  • Triathlon: Triathletes generally use cycling glasses with mirrored lenses due to the almost total lack of light changes along the route.
  • Cyclocross: For cyclocross, both glasses generally used for road cycling with mirrored lenses and glasses with photochromic lenses used for mountain biking can be suitable. They are both high-performance solutions, and the choice depends on the personal taste of the athlete, considering that cycling glasses, besides protecting the eyes, are also an aesthetic accessory.
  • Cycle tourism: For cycling touring, we recommend cycling glasses with photochromic lenses like DCHROM®, capable of adapting best to every intensity and variation of light that the athlete will encounter along the way.


Comfort is key; there's nothing worse than wearing uncomfortable cycling glasses. All frames of DEMON cycling glasses are made with ultra-elastic material and equipped with soft rubberized parts for the perfect fit under any type of helmet. They are designed for prolonged use in all lighting and atmospheric conditions.

Open or closed frame?

The choice of frame is a very subjective factor. However, the collection of DEMON cycling glasses is primarily designed with frames open in the lower part to increase airflow to the eyes and counteract the formation of condensation on the lens during periods of great fatigue or poor ventilation.There are frames with smaller dimensions suitable for teenagers and women. For more information, you can contact us via chat.All frames are shock-proof tested to provide optimal protection for the face even in the event of accidental impacts.

Unbreakable lenses?

Yes. It is essential to use cycling glasses with shatterproof lenses to prevent damage to the eyes resulting from accidental falls or impacts. The lenses DEMON prevent formationone of small fragments which could damage the eyes in the event of an impact

shatterproof lens for cycling glasses
Shatterproof lenses for sports glasses

Yes, it is essential to use cycling glasses with shatterproof lenses to prevent damage to the eyes resulting from accidental falls or impacts. The lenses from DEMON prevent the formation of small fragments that could damage the eyes in the event of an impact.

Helmet compatibility

A final factor not to be underestimated is the compatibility of cycling glasses with the helmet. Every single pair of glasses in the collection is designed and created to guarantee the athlete the perfect fit for every type of helmet. We consider it fundamental, a point from which to start in the design of a model, primarily for safety, and secondly but not least for comfort.

For those who use cycling glasses?

For those who use prescription glasses to practice road or mountain biking, DEMON has created a dedicated line of cycling glasses for prescription lenses. This line includes cycling glasses with the same lenses described above, as well as options with an internal clip for prescription lenses, where your trusted optician will take care of creating the lenses. The materials used are the same to ensure maximum performance, safety, and comfort.

eyeglasses for road cycling and mountain biking