Collection: Glasses for Running and Trail Running with Category 3 smoke lenses


Protecting your eyes with high-performance technical sports glasses is essential in every discipline. Every runner and trail runner is continuously seeking materials that enhance performance and provide greater comfort. The evolution of materials, from shoes to technical clothing, is geared towards improving comfort and aiding the athlete's technical performance.

Running glasses and trail running glasses, especially on intensely sunny days and during prolonged use, can make a significant difference. The visual strain induced by bright sunlight can distract the athlete, making running more challenging and fatiguing at times.

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When it comes to running glasses and trail running, although the two disciplines may seem different, they share similarities in this accessory. The best glasses are the ones you don't notice you're wearing while running. The following characteristics are fundamental when choosing your glasses with smoke lenses for running and trail running:

    • Perfect vision of the track: It is essential for safety to see where we place our feet. Glasses with smoke lenses for running and trail running have decentralized and optically perfect lenses. This means that they are built with high-quality polycarbonate and do not alter the face in any way, providing an exact point of location. Some glasses with imprecise decentration can create visual distortions, making it difficult to perceive precise points. This can pose a safety risk, especially in delicate passages or when encountering particular obstacles.
    • Maximum eye safety: The polycarbonate category 3 lenses for running and trail running are break-resistant. They are capable of effectively protecting your eyes even in the event of strong impacts. The impact is absorbed by the entire surface of the lens, preventing the formation of small fragments that could harm the eyes.
    • Lightness and comfort: Another fundamental aspect, especially for prolonged use, is using technical glasses for running and trail running. Ultralight glasses can truly make a difference in the race. Each frame is made of TR90, a special composition of Nylon and hypoallergenic carbon fiber, which makes the glasses with category 3 smoke lenses for running and trail running 20% lighter than glasses made with conventional materials. They are also more elastic and resistant over time. The rubberized parts are made of soft hypoallergenic Megol. In addition to comfort, they improve the grip of the glasses, preventing all those annoying micro-slips towards the tip of the nose.

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The category 3 smoke lens for running and trail running is optimal for days with very intense light and for prolonged use. It protects against UV-A and UV-B rays, providing a pleasant sense of relaxation for your eyes.

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We recommend choosing the smoke lens for those seeking training glasses. This specific type of lens is particularly appreciated by athletes in ultra marathons and ultra trail races, where prolonged use requires maximum eye protection. It can also be chosen for simple training because it's essential to always protect your eyes as best as possible with specific glasses and lenses.

For those who use prescription glasses:

For those who wear prescription glasses, there is a dedicated line of sports glasses for running and trail running with clip-in prescription lenses and smoke lenses.

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