Collection: Glasses for Running and Trail Running with Polarized lenses


Running is freedom, steps, and pure emotions—a true expression of freedom. Every runner seeks technical materials that enhance their performance. And as any runner knows, each discipline has specific requirements. For those who run in the mountains and practice Trail Running, different off-road shoes are needed compared to athletes accustomed to running on asphalt or light dirt roads. The same applies to socks, a detail that can make a difference on specific occasions. Typically, Trail Runners use knee-high socks for protection from branches and various obstacles encountered on challenging dirt roads, while Marathon or Track Runners opt for low socks due to the absence of obstacles.

Running sunglasses with polarized lenses

Protecting your eyes and maintaining a clear view of the path is a shared priority in both disciplines. That's why we've developed a line of sunglasses for running and trail running with polarized lenses. Whether you're a runner or a trail runner, there are essential features you need in your sunglasses to fully enjoy and engage in your favorite discipline.

    • Lightness and comfort: Demon running glasses and trail running glasses are ultralight. They are crafted from TR90, a special blend of nylon and carbon fiber, making them 20% lighter than conventional materials. TR90 enhances their resistance to impacts and mechanical strains, ensures elasticity, and prevents deformation even in extreme temperatures. Moreover, TR90 is hypoallergenic, making it safe for prolonged skin contact. The rubberized parts of the polarized glasses for running and trail running are made of soft Megol, providing both grip for stability and comfort for extended wear.

  • Perfect view of the route: 

    Those who opt for a polarized lens for Running and Trail Running seek a lens that provides exceptional rest for the eyes. Indeed, polarized lenses are among the most soothing lens technologies available worldwide. Utilizing a polarized lens for Running and Trail Running during prolonged periods on sunny days with intense brightness is a benefit that many runners are unwilling to forgot.

    Polarized lenses offer numerous advantages for the eyes:

    • Better you perceiveone of the contrast
    • Visionone Sharper
    • No modification of natural colors
    • Eliminatione of transverse reflections

pair of polarized lenses for running and trail running

Using polarized lenses for trail running, especially on days with intense light and during prolonged use, not only benefits the athlete in perceiving the terrain and potential obstacles, but also ensures a constant feeling of rested eyes. This same principle applies to road running, particularly during long races and under strong sunlight.

Polarized lenses for running and trail running are designed to be optically perfect and decentralized. These characteristics provide a clear view of the terrain without the visual distortions caused by curved lenses (lacking decentralization). Additionally, they ensure an accurate sense of depth, allowing the athlete to quickly identify the location of each obstacle and navigate through challenging passages safely.

    • Security: 

      Beyond providing a clear view of the terrain, safety is paramount in case of accidental impacts such as falls or collisions with leaves and branches for trail runners.
      Polarized lenses for running and trail running glasses are crafted from anti-break polycarbonate. Polycarbonate is lighter than conventional plastic materials used in lenses and is unbreakable upon impact.
      In the event of a significant accidental impact, the shock is absorbed across the entire surface of the lens, preventing the generation of fragments that could harm the eye. Instead, a web-like pattern forms, rendering the lens unusable but ensuring the best possible protection for the eye.

We recommend opting for polarized lenses for running and trail running, especially for athletes seeking lightweight glasses suitable for extended use, even in intense sunlight.
Polarized glasses can also be beneficial beyond racing, enhancing performance in various sports activities.

Polarized lenses for trail running