Collection: Replacement parts

Have you lost the nose piece of your sunglasses?

DEMON has created this new section for you, one where you can order spare parts for sports glasses and prescription sports glasses, even if they were not purchased from our e-commerce platform. This service aims to guarantee a longer life for your beloved glasses.

You will also find replacement clips for sports eyeglasses and ski goggles:

  • Universal Clip for goggles: Our best-selling clip is universally applicable to all masks in the DEMON collection. By cutting it to fit the appropriate space, it can also be applied to children's and teenager's masks. With a Base 6, it can be used with a wide range of prescriptions. Upon entering, you can view its dimensions.
  • Wide Optical Clip for goggles: This clip is designed for larger masks in the DEMON collection. Please refer to the photo to see which models it is applicable to and its dimensions.
  • Optical Clip fo sunglasses: Replacement clips for sports glasses are available for purchase. If the clip that came with your glasses wears out over time or due to accidental impact, you can easily replace it.

To proceed with ordering a spare part, refer to the data printed on the temples of all sports glasses and prescription sports glasses, such as the model name, typically found inside the left temple. This ensures you purchase the correct spare part.

Click on the corresponding photo of the spare part for the model you wish to purchase, and press the purchase button to proceed with the guided checkout process.