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Discover the best ski goggles for both men and women at the most competitive prices on the market.

Waking up while it's still dark, journeying to the nearest mountain, and immersing oneself in nature - this is the shared experience of skiers and snowboarders alike. They are united by the rush of adrenaline that surges as they feel the wind's force amplify with speed, navigate changing slopes, conquer challenging terrains, execute jumps, and finally relax their muscles at the valley's base, anticipating the next ascent.

Ski goggles are not merely an accessory in your mountain gear; they play a vital role in shielding your eyes from the sun's intense glare (which is amplified in mountainous regions), wind (which can cause tearing), and ice particles (which may enter your eyes during carving). It's imperative to safeguard your eyes with high-performance and secure equipment that not only ensures optimal protection but also offers comfort, enabling athletes to focus solely on their descent.

Towards the end of the ski season, ski goggles may be substituted with sports glasses (especially on warmer days); however, they remain the superior choice for safeguarding your eyes against the aforementioned elements, thanks to their larger size.

Whether the athlete is a professional competitor or an enthusiastic amateur, we recommend a thorough evaluation when selecting ski goggles (considering lenses and shape) based on individual needs, as outlined below.

skier wears ski mask during selfie

Ensuring perfect protection against UV rays:

It's crucial to provide our eyes with double protection, especially considering that UV intensity increases with altitude, as they are reflected by snow and directly impact our eyes. Hence, it's essential to select ski goggles that offer optimal visibility while shielding our eyes from UV rays. Therefore, prioritizing ski and snowboard goggles that offer UV protection is paramount for every athlete.

When selecting ski goggles, careful consideration of their equipped technologies, materials, and compatibility with optical frames (if necessary) is vital. These goggles should safeguard our eyes from wind, glare, and the aggressive UV rays caused by snow reflections and high altitude.

Exclusively top-quality materials are chosen for construction. The use of double anti-fog polycarbonate lenses is imperative for athletes who continuously strive to push their limits, as there's nothing more inconvenient than goggles fogging up during high-speed moments or crucial passages in challenging conditions. Each snow goggle in the DMN collection is meticulously crafted down to the smallest detail. Comfort is of utmost importance, given the prolonged duration of use. Excellent comfort enables athletes to concentrate solely on their objectives. The adjustability of the side wings and elastic ensures our ski goggles are compatible with all types of helmets, eliminating the need to purchase specific helmet-goggle combinations for compatibility assurance.

The ultra-light and flexible frame material, coupled with the soft hypoallergenic internal sponge, ensures exceptional comfort. It's no surprise that our snow goggles have received international acclaim for their outstanding quality-to-price ratio. Join the ranks of Demon Addicts and experience superior protection and comfort firsthand.

Ski goggle for men and women
ski goggle for men and women magnetic lens

Based on the provided information, the DMN ski goggles with the orange category 2 high contrast lens are designed to offer optimal visibility in various atmospheric conditions encountered while skiing. Here's a breakdown of when these goggles would be most useful:

  • Morning to Sunset: The orange category 2 high contrast lens is likely designed to enhance visibility during daylight hours, from morning until sunset. It's suitable for moderate light conditions typically encountered during the daytime on the slopes.
  • Variable Weather: These goggles would be ideal for days when the weather conditions fluctuate, such as when there are periods of sun, clouds, or light snowfall. The high contrast lens helps to enhance visibility in varying light conditions.
  • Moderate Light Conditions: Category 2 lenses are generally recommended for moderate light conditions, providing good visibility without being too dark or too light. This makes them versatile for use throughout the day, even as light conditions change.
  • Anti-Fogging: The goggles are equipped with anti-fog treatment and a double lens system to prevent fogging, making them suitable for use in conditions where temperature and humidity variations could lead to fogging, such as when transitioning between indoor and outdoor environments or in high-humidity conditions.
  • Ventilation: The special ventilation holes on the top and bottom of the frames help to further prevent fogging by allowing airflow, ensuring clear vision even in extreme climatic conditions.

Overall, these goggles are designed to provide clear vision and protection in a range of conditions encountered while skiing, from morning until sunset, and especially excel in variable weather conditions.

    • Snow / Fog / Night:

night slope for ski goggles with transparent lens

Lens: Transparent
Use: To ensure optimal visibility in very low light conditions, bad weather (snow and fog), and on special occasions, I like skiing at night.

Models: MATRIX

Ski goggle for night skiing, fog, and snowy days

    • Weather Cloudy and Sunny:

mountain pic with cloudy weather where to use ski mask with orange lens

Lens: tinted Orange/Blue or Pink, To increase the contrast and see every ditch or depression in the ground even in medium brightness conditions, for those who want to have a "multi-purpose" ski goggle capable of adapting to different conditions.

Ski goggles with orange, blue, or pink lenses are suitable in all conditions of light. In fact, in case of cloudy weather, they are able to "brighten" the face of the slope. Using snow goggles with this particular type of lens is comfortable and guarantees a perfect view of the track even on days with more intense light conditions.

The orange lens featured in the DEMON ski goggle collection presents itself as the "all-rounder" lens. Due to its high-contrast coloration, it is suitable for all light and atmospheric conditions effectively. It is important to note that this type of lens may be slightly less effective in very intense light conditions, where the use of a ski goggle with a smoke lens is more recommended.

For these particular light conditions, it is possible to consider masks with interchangeable lenses (click here for snow goggles with interchangeable lenses), such as the MAGNET model (which comes with both a smoke lens and an orange lens), allowing you to change the lens in 3.8 seconds.

Ski goggles with orange lenses for skiing on the slopes

    • weather Sunny:

photo of ski slope with sunny weather where to use ski mask with smoke lens

Lenses: Colored Orange, Rosé or Smoke

To maintain a state of relaxation and well-being for your eyes, it's recommended to use a brown polarized lens. In addition to being darker than orange, it generates greater contrast and provides better perception of natural colors. The ski goggle with a smoke lens is particularly suitable for days with very intense sunlight, where the orange lens may be slightly too light.

Use on full-sun days.

ski goggles for sunny days with magnetic interchangeable lenses

    • All Weather Conditions:

The Polarized Photochromic lens is a special, latest-generation double lens that constantly adapts to every climate and atmospheric condition. The external lens is polarized and serves as the focal point of this special lens. In addition to enhancing contrast to see the ripples in the snow, it allows the photochromic lens to darken only when necessary. In the mountains, where UV intensity can be particularly high, the photochromic lens would darken even in cloudy weather without this feature. Through a chemical reaction, the photochromic lens darkens only when UV and solar intensity require it, ensuring optimal vision in all weather conditions.

Ski goggle with polarized photochromic lens for all weather conditions

Ski goggle fitting:


The frame of the ski goggles is ultra-light and elastic, designed to withstand high and low temperatures without deformation. Additionally, the frame of the masks is perforated in the upper part to facilitate ventilation. This special system allows for increased airflow, effectively countering the creation of condensation on the internal surface of the lens. The high-density sponge is hypoallergenic, enhancing fit and comfort even during prolonged use.

When choosing ski goggles, it is essential to understand your needs and select the most technically advanced lens and shape specifically created for the discipline.

For those who wear optical frames:

Another crucial factor to consider is the compatibility of snow goggles with helmets or eyeglasses.

DMN has designed special models of OTG (Over the Glasses) masks that allow for use with optical frames. These models, such as SNOW OPTICAL 1, BUBBLE (an excellent model for women and teenagers), RAPTOR (for skiing and snowboarding), TECHNO (polarized photochromic ski mask), and ALPINER (for skis and snowboards with a full lens look), feature a particular shape provided in the frame and sponge to accommodate optical frames. Therefore, it is possible to use ski goggles with your own optical frames without sacrificing the typical appearance of regular snow goggles, including the shape and mirroring of the lens.

Prescription OTG ski goggles that can be used with prescription glasses

Furthermore, in the Accessories section, you can also find two different types of clip-on opticians for snow goggles, which allow for the installation of prescription lenses to be applied to your mask. Click here to see the universal optical clip for ski goggles.

The characteristics of each individual DMN ski goggles are available in the individual item data sheet. This makes it simple and enjoyable to choose your ski goggles.

universal optical clip for ski goggles