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Collection: Ski and snowboard goggles with category 3 smoke lenses


In the market for ski and snowboard goggles, there exists a wide range of lens options catering to different weather conditions. Whether you're into skiing, snowboarding, or ski mountaineering, having knowledge and the ability to choose the most suitable goggles for your activity is essential. Each discipline has distinct needs and characteristics that can significantly impact performance.

Different types of lenses are available for various weather conditions, and choosing the right one can make the difference between an enjoyable outing and one fraught with visibility issues. It's crucial to select goggles equipped with lenses tailored to the specific conditions you'll encounter, ensuring optimal performance and enjoyment.

skier wears ski goggles with mirrored lenses

Using a category 3 smoke lens in ski and snowboard goggles is essential for days with very intense light conditions. This lens offers the same darkness as common sunglasses, but its structure blocks both vertical and lateral rays, providing a constant sensation of darkness. This feature ensures excellent eye relaxation even in blinding light caused by the snow's strong glare.

When skiing or snowboarding in conditions of very intense light, this type of smoke lens offers a sensation similar to that of a polarized lens. Its visually striking mirroring not only enhances aesthetics but also serves as a barrier, effectively shielding against solar and UV rays.

For which light conditions is it recommended?

We highly recommend using a smoke lens strictly on very intense sunny days. Its main characteristic is to provide eye protection and ensure maximum relaxation in such conditions, even with prolonged use. Additionally, it can be utilized on less intense sunny days while still retaining its benefits.

However, for cloudy weather, its suitability is a matter of personal assessment. While it may be appropriate on days with both clouds and strong brightness, it can darken the face significantly in low light conditions, making it challenging to spot obstacles immediately, such as ripples, bumps, and depressions.

For fog, snow, or night skiing, we advise against choosing this type of lens due to its darkness.

The double smoke lens for ski and snowboard goggles is shatterproof, offering maximum protection in case of accidental impacts. Its lighter weight and enhanced impact resistance ensure both optimal performance and safety.

Equipped with anti-fog treatment, the smoke lens prevents moisture accumulation on the lens surface, minimizing fogging. The double lens design creates a cavity that isolates the external surface from the internal one, reducing thermal shock, a primary cause of fogging. Combined with ventilation holes in the ultra-light and elastic frame, this lens effectively combats fogging.

smoke lens for ski goggles with mirrored lenses

The side wings of ski and snowboard goggles with a smoke lens are designed to ensure a better fit with every helmet available on the market.

Furthermore, the adjustable elastic band comes with a grip insert that prevents it from slipping along the surface of the helmet, enhancing stability and comfort.

For those who use prescription lenses?

For individuals who require prescription lenses while wearing ski and snowboard goggles with a smoke lens, they have the option to insert a special clip-on universal eyeglass removable. This functions as actual glasses inside the goggles, accommodating various types of corrections as needed.

Universal optical clip for prescription goggles category 3 lenses