Collection: Accessories for glasses

Accessories for sports glasses and snow goggles

Accessories, as the name suggests, are all those "extra" objects dedicated to increasing the usefulness of an object. In this sectionone DEMON Corkone the list of accessories that can be purchased through our e-commerce. In case of doubts about installations or use it will be possible to request information. A person from our staff will take care of providing you with all the answers to your questions.

They are present for glasses:

    • hard case: There are two types of rigid cases, which are useful for protecting and preserving your glasses in the best possible way DEMON. There are 2 types of hard cases. In the voice hard case, find a rigid case with larger dimensions, and with an internal sponge, where you can store the spare lenses of your glasses, without the slightest risk of smears. While on the voice Hard Case 2, you will find a hard case of dimensions designed to best contain your sports glasses. There is also another type of microfibre case, which is supplied with each pair of glasses DEMON (Excluding mountain glasses and vista sport, for which the hard case is provided).

    • Neoprene band and Sport Cord. questi specialthe accessories for sports glasses they are elastic bands to be applied to the final part of the temples, to increase grip and prevent the glasses from falling off the face. These particular accessories are recommended for sports where there are accidental impacts or strong vibrations.

    • Microfibre fleece: It is the cloth that can be used to clean the lenses of your glasses.