Collection: OTG snow goggles with photochromic lenses


Those who use prescription lenses for everyday life and for skiing or snowboarding often find it difficult to choose materials that can be combined with their prescription frames.
The only solution until a few years ago it was that of wearing your own frames, contact lenses or not using eyeglasses at all to practice your favorite activity.
DEMON has therefore created a line of Photochromic Snow Masks OTG (Over the Glasses) which allow the athlete to wear their own optical frame under the ski and snowboard goggles.
This thanks to one special shaping of the sponge and a wider depth at the level of the structure of the mask which allows the allocation of your optical frame.

Use one photochromic snow mask OTG is the solution definitive for those who want to make the most of their day on the snow and at the same time use technical materials that always guarantee the perfect faceone of your path.

snow goggles with photochromic prescription glasses

Technical characteristics of OTG photochromic snow goggles:

Spring Polarized Photochromic: The innovative latest generation lens Polarized and Photochromic is the solutionone ideal for those looking for the maximum technology in the field of ski and snowboard lenses currently on the market. The lens consists of one special bonding between the polarized filter placed externally and the photochromic filter placed internally. One is positioned between the two lenses special sponge that forms a cavity effect that effectively combats fogging at low and high temperatures.
The external polarized filter of the OTG snow mask is made of polycarbonaterimquality and maintains all the characteristics and advantages of using the polarized lens:
The polarized lens offers protection from UV rays, but not only: in fact this special type of lens, is able to concentrate or diverge light rays and attenuate radiation UV-A and UV-B via a polarizing filter that eliminates transverse reflections. These lenses allow you to shield glare and those annoying reflections that are created when sunlight reflects on snow and ice.
The advantages of polarized lenses are:

  • Better you perceiveone of the contrast
  • Visionone clearer
  • No modification of natural colors
  • Eliminatione of transverse reflections

The Photochromic lens, on the other hand, plays the fundamental role for constant and perfect faces of the route in all conditions of light and Atmospheric. The photochromic lens of the OTG snow goggle is also made of polycarbonate like the polarized lens. It has the task of lightening and darkening based on the intensity of light and UV rays for the perfect relaxation of your eyes even in very strong light conditions and with very prolonged use.
The lens is very reactive and fast, and the color change is very fluid and gradual so much so that the eye adapts immediately without difficulty.

photochromic snow goggles for skiing and ski mountaineering

    • How the Polarized Photochromic lens of the OTG snow goggle works:
      The external polarized filter contrasts light and UV rays and improves perceptionone visual of the path, when the intensity of the light and UV are higher than the protection base of the polarized filter begins the work of the photochromic filter which darkens, completely contrasting light and UV. This special combinations of lenses is currently the maximum technology currently on the market.
    • Double Lens: The photochromic snow mask OTG features a polarizing filter externally and a photochromic filter internally. Using a double lens combined with the anti-fog treatment on the internal surface of the lens allows you to combat fogging at high and low temperatures and extreme conditions.
    • OTG mount: (Over The Glasses) is one specialand technology that allows you to use your own optical frame under your photochromic ski and snowboard goggles. The frame sponge is shaped laterally to improve the fitriment of the glasses, furthermore the frame is deeper to be able to place the glasses correctly.
      Using this type of frame is the solutionone for those who want to wear a technical ski goggle, but at the same time need their own optical frame.

    • Ultralight and Elastic Frame: The frame of the OTG photochromic snow mask is made of hypoallergenic, resistant and elastic material.
      The soft sponge is made of triple density hypoallergenic material for maximum comfort when putting the mask on. The frame is developed with a particular ventilation systemone to combat fogging and maintain high relaxation for the eyes. The plastic material is resistant to high and low temperatures without deformation to be able to use the mask in all conditionsone atmospheric. The elastic is adjustable and has an internal silicone supportone for a better fit to the helmet.

    Choosing a photochromic snow goggle OTG means choosing a goggle that can be used in all conditionsone climate and daylight. For the maximum of performance ever.

    Photochromic otg ski goggles