Collection: Children's Sports Glasses with Smoke category 3 lenses

Children's Sports Glasses with Smoke category 3 lenses

Protecting your eyes and your child's eyes from UV rays and sunlight is essential to ensure not only maximum relaxation but also maximum safety.
DEMON has created a line of children's sports glasses with category 3 smoke lenses, which can also be used outside the purely sporting context, dedicated to the protection of your child's eyes and maximum relaxation and perfect vision.Children's eyes are often more sensitive to intense light, so it is essential to protect their eyes as best as possible with adequate filters. The category 3 smoke lenses in children's glasses are optimal for all light conditions, while for very strong light conditions typical of mountains and high altitudes, there are even darker category 4 filters. These are particularly suitable for children with very light or particularly sensitive eyes.

Children sports glasses smoke category 3 lenses
Technical characteristics of children's sports glasses with category 3 smoke lenses:
    • Category 3 Smoke Lenses: The category 3 smoke lenses mounted in children's sports glasses protect from UV rays and sunlight, even during prolonged use. The benefits of these lenses are numerous: constant relaxation for the child's eyes, the perfect perception of natural colors, and maximum protection in case of impacts due to the lens's construction.

      Shatterproof Lens: The lenses are made of high-quality polycarbonate. Lighter than lenses made with conventional materials, they are also resistant to impacts and drops without breaking. In the event of an accidental impact, even a very strong one, the lens distributes the shock across its entire surface, preventing the formation of small fragments that could damage the child's eye.

      Lightweight and Highly Resistant Rubberized Frames: Children's sports glasses with category 4 lenses are built with ultra-light, rubberized, and ultra-elastic materials to increase the durability of the glasses, avoid breakages, and prevent them from being bitten by the child. Each frame does not contain small parts that could be swallowed. This special type of frame is used for the models: TEEN, FIRST, YOUNG, BUNNY, and KID 6.

All frames are built with the same composition as adult glasses to be ultra-light and elastic. They are also constructed with hypoallergenic materials.

Accessories: The specialized BUNNY model is equipped with a removable elastic cord that serves to increase the adherence of the glasses to the child's face and make it more difficult to remove the glasses.

Accessories for kids sports glasses
DEMON represents a guarantee for the protection of your child's eyes at the best market price.