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Snow Goggles for Eyeglasses

The best OTG snow goggles for eyeglasses at the best market price.

Are you a sports enthusiast who wears glasses? Do you love skiing or snowboarding but find that contact lenses aren't suitable for you? Don't let go of the joy of snow sports and the thrill of gliding down the slopes on skis or a snowboard. There are practical and, above all, convenient solutions that will enable you to ski and snowboard with optimal clarity simply by wearing your eyeglasses.

Enter OTG (Over the Glasses) snow goggles, designed with dedicated internal space to accommodate your own eyeglasses. These goggles allow athletes or casual enthusiasts to focus solely on their performance and the emotions that accompany them during their snow adventures.

OTG ski mask to insert prescription glasses with graduated lenses

Snow goggles for eyeglasses DMN feature double-color anti-fog lenses with high-contrast Category 2 orange tint. They are also equipped with anti-fog treatment, which prevents condensation formation on the internal surface due to temperature differences. The frame is designed with increased ventilation holes to ensure proper airflow, especially considering the presence of glasses, which could otherwise impede ventilation.

All frames of the snow masks for eyeglasses are ultra-light and flexible to withstand the drastic temperature changes typical of mountain environments.

The internal structure is specifically designed to accommodate optical frames, including larger ones. Additionally, the internal sponge is shaped to avoid putting pressure on the temple of the wearer.

The hypoallergenic internal sponge is designed to adapt to every facial shape while wearing your optical frame, ensuring comfort and a secure fit.

clip optical lens for graduated lenses inserted into a ski mask

Atmospheric conditions for use of DMN snow goggles:

To face every climatic condition, there are masks equipped with specific lenses capable of providing you with optimal clarity in every situation. The orange category 2 high-contrast DMN lens has won various awards at the European level as the best quality product. It represents an excellent compromise for a perfect experience from morning to sunset, allowing you to enjoy your outing to the fullest.

Cloudy or Sunny Weather:

Lens: Tinted Orange, to increase contrast and enable clear vision even in medium brightness conditions, making it ideal for spotting ditches or depressions in the ground.
Use: For those seeking a "multipurpose" mask adaptable to different conditions.

Sunny Weather:

Lenses: Colored Orange, Pink, or Smoke, to maintain a state of relaxation and well-being for your eyes. Additionally, the brown Polarized lens is recommended, which, besides being darker than orange, enhances contrast and offers better visibility of natural colors.
Use: On full-sun days.

All Weather Conditions:

Polarized Photochromic Lens: The Polarized Photochromic lens is a special, latest-generation double lens that constantly adjusts to every climate and atmosphere condition. The external polarized lens is the key component, creating greater contrast to see snow ripples and allowing the photochromic lens to darken only when necessary. In mountainous regions with intense UV levels, the photochromic lens would darken even in cloudy weather. However, the photochromic lens darkens via a chemical reaction only when UV and solar intensity require it, ensuring optimal visibility in all weather conditions.

For those preferring to use a clip interface, the universal prescription clip for masks is available. Through your trusted optician, prescription lenses can be inserted, offering the functionality of glasses without the bulk of temples. The clip is easily attachable and removable at any time.