Collection: Prescription sports glasses with Photochromic lenses


For athletes who frequently encounter changing light conditions or simply prefer photochromic lenses for their sports activities, many eyewear manufacturers have developed sports glasses with photochromic lenses. However, a challenge arises for those who require prescription lenses for their sports eyewear.

DEMON has addressed this challenge by introducing a specialized line of sports glasses with photochromic lenses. These glasses resemble regular eyewear with an open frame design, but they feature a detachable clip attached to the frame where prescription lenses can be inserted.

This clip-on solution offers an economical yet high-performance option for individuals seeking sports eyewear with photochromic lenses, eliminating the need for costly prescription lenses directly incorporated into the main curved lens typically found in sports frames. The clip-on optics for sports glasses with photochromic lenses are positioned behind the main curved lens, preserving the photochromic properties of the sports eyewear while allowing for the use of prescription lenses for optimal vision.

sports prescription glasses with photochromic lenses for mountains and mountaineering

Technical characteristics of sports glasses with photochromic lenses:

  • Photochromic lenses: 

    Photochromic lenses are special lenses that undergo a reversible chemical reaction when exposed to UV radiation or sunlight, causing them to darken. Once the exposure to light diminishes or when entering enclosed environments, the lenses gradually return to their initial transparent state. The convenience of these lenses has eliminated the need to constantly check weather forecasts before engaging in outdoor activities, allowing users to adapt to changing light conditions on the go.

    These lenses are particularly favored by athletes, especially those who engage in activities like mountain biking and trail running, where they encounter varying light conditions such as shade and sunlight during their journey. Photochromic lenses are also popular among athletes participating in training sessions, marathons, ultramarathons, and other outdoor disciplines that involve prolonged exposure to sunlight. Additionally, they find applications in sailing and flying activities like paragliding.

    Within the eyewear line featuring photochromic lenses, there are three types available:

PHOTOCHROMIC LENS 2-4: This special lens has a starting color very similar (slightly darker) to that of the photochromic lens DCHROM®, and at maximum activation, it can reach category 4 darkness. It stands out as the top-performing photochromic lens available for hikers and mountaineers. It provides significantly greater protection in the extreme light conditions typical of high-altitude mountain environments compared to other lenses, making it ideal for these specific sports.

sports prescription glasses with photochromic lenses for mountaineering

PHOTOCHROMIC LENS DCHROM®: These lenses have a starting color slightly darker than other smoke photochromic lenses and reach category 3 darkness at maximum activation. In addition to their impressive speed of transition from light to dark, they also provide a notable sense of relaxation to your eyes, even on days with very intense sunlight.

sports prescription glasses with photochromic lenses for cycling

SMOKE PHOTOCHROMIC LENS: These lenses start with a completely transparent base color and reach category 2.5 darkness at maximum activation. They are particularly recommended for those who use the glasses indoors as simple protection, for night excursions, and also wear them daily during sunny hours.

sports glasses with photochromic prescription lenses for running and trail running

    • Shatterproof lenses: The photochromic lenses mounted on the Vista Sport glasses are made of high-quality polycarbonate. Polycarbonate is lighter than conventional materials and also boasts unbreakability as a key feature. Using Vista Sport glasses with unbreakable photochromic lenses is a security measure that you cannot afford to overlook. In the event of a very strong impact, the lens distributes the shock across its entire surface, preventing the creation of small fragments that could damage the eye.

    • Optical Clip: The optical clip is a special vision support on which corrective lenses can be applied through your trusted optician. The clip is removable at will; in fact, the glasses can be used as normal glasses even without using the clip, if you intend to practice your discipline using contact lenses.

  • Ultralight frame: All sports glasses with photochromic lenses are made of TR90, a special composition of Nylon and Carbon Fiber, which makes the glasses 20% lighter than frames made with conventional materials. It also enhances their resistance to high and low temperatures, elasticity, and durability over time. TR90 is a hypoallergenic material, as are the GRIP rubberized parts in soft Megol. These rubberized parts not only provide stability to the glasses but also help counteract vibrations and micro-movements generated by sudden changes in direction.
runner wears sports glasses with photochromic lenses

What sports can they be used for?

Photochromic sports glasses can be used for various sports. Below, we list the main disciplines for which the glasses can be used and the primary benefits of using them:

    • RACING BIKES AND MTB: Using photochromic sports glasses for mountain biking (MTB) and road cycling (BDC) means wearing glasses with lenses that adjust to every change in light along your route. This lens type is especially valued by MTB enthusiasts due to the frequent light/dark transitions inherent in the sport.
    • RUNNING e TRAIL RUNNING: For these two disciplines, as with road cycling and mountain biking, where there are constant changes in light, using sports glasses with photochromic lenses for running and trail running will ensure you always have optimal visibility on your route.
    • PARAGLIDING: For paragliding and flying sports, where there's no barrier to shield direct light and UV rays, photochromic lenses ensure optimal visibility of the panorama and instruments in all atmospheric and light conditions.
    • WATER SPORTS: Even for water sports, photochromic lenses offer maximum protection and consistent visibility. They ensure optimal relaxation for your eyes even in the typical light conditions encountered during water activities.
    • BEACH VOLLEY: To play beach volleyball, wearing sports glasses with photochromic lenses ensures eyewear that protects against sand and wind throughout the entire match. They can also serve as simple protection against sand during night matches.
    • TENNIS: They can be used both indoors and outdoors, adapting to natural and UV light by darkening according to intensity. For tennis, this offers an economical and safe solution, allowing players to focus solely on performance.

    • GOLF: Even for golf, utilizing photochromic lenses ensures the eyes remain consistently relaxed with every change in light intensity.

We highly recommend opting for sports glasses with photochromic lenses for engaging in all outdoor sports.