Collection: OTG snow goggles with category 2 orange lenses

The OTG snow goggles with category 2 orange lenses are DEMON's creation for skiers and snowboarders who wear optical frames every day

Choosing goggles with category 2 orange lenses for skiing or snowboarding OTG means opting for a technical product that provides athletes with perfect visibility both on and off-piste, without the need to compromise by using contact lenses or having to use clip-in graduated glasses inside the goggles. Additionally, it eliminates the necessity of carrying one's optical frames for moments when wearing goggles is not feasible.

Using an OTG mask is therefore a practical, economical, and technical solution for all skiing and snowboarding enthusiasts.

OTG ski and snowboard goggles with orange lenses for eyeglasses

Technical characteristics of the masks with Snow Orange OTG lenses:

  • Category 2 Orange Lens: The Category 2 Orange lens is a special high-contrast lens. Its unique feature is its adaptability to all light and atmospheric conditions, allowing athletes to have better visibility of depressions, snow ripples, icy areas, even in less than optimal lighting conditions. It is suitable for use in normal light conditions: sunny, cloudy, foggy, and snowy weather. However, we do not recommend using this type of lens for skiers who practice night skiing.

  • Double Lens: The goggles with Snow Orange OTG lenses are equipped with a double lens, meaning there are two layers of anti-breakage polycarbonate separated by a spongy plastic material, forming a cavity to insulate the external temperature from the internal surface of the lens. This insulation prevents changes in surface temperature, thereby preventing condensation formation, which causes fogging of the internal surface. This particular technology is applied to all OTG snow goggles.

  • Anti-fog Treatment: All snow goggles with Orange OTG lenses are equipped with anti-fog treatment. When combined with ventilation holes (when applicable) present on the lens, this treatment counteracts and prevents fogging of the internal surface of the lens.
skier wears optical ski goggles with orange mirrored lenses off-piste

OTG (Over The Glasses) Frames: The Neve OTG goggles with category 2 orange lenses are designed to be worn over your own optical frames. They feature a specially shaped soft, high-density sponge that facilitates the insertion of eyeglasses. The front shape is crafted specifically to securely hold the frame in place, preventing any micro movements that could hinder visibility during your activities.

Using an OTG goggle with orange lenses for skiing and snowboarding provides an economical and high-performance solution for those seeking a versatile mask suitable for all lighting conditions.

Ultralight and Elastic Frame: In addition to OTG technology, the frame is constructed from ultra-light and elastic materials, engineered to withstand both high and low temperatures without deformation or breakage. All frames come with ventilation holes to further combat fogging during intense activities.

The elastic strap is adjustable and features a silicone insert for enhanced grip and a better fit with your helmet.