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Prescription sports glasses with Optical Clip and Sports Frames

Prescription sports glasses for running and trail running

For many athletes, there is considerable difficulty in using contact lenses while playing their favorite sport. This represents a problem that has fueled many doubts and various perplexities on the internet over time regarding the optimal solution to best address this need. DEMON has considered all athletes who wear glasses daily, creating a line of sports frames and glasses with internal Clip vista, equipped with a wide field of view to allow users to concentrate solely on performance, experiencing all the emotions felt when practicing their favorite sport in total freedom.

Choosing sports glasses from DEMON is the solution for those seeking a technical product that perfectly fits while engaging in their favorite sport, all at the best market price.

eyeglasses for road cycling and mountain biking

DEMON, like you, loves sports in all its forms. The line of sports glasses is designed for high-speed sports such as cycling, mountain biking, and running, but they can also be used for activities like trekking or simply enjoying a game of beach volleyball. In this category, you will find technical glasses with:

    • Photochromic lenses: They are special lenses which, when exposed to UV radiation or sunlight in general, undergo a reversible chemical reaction that leads to darkening. Once exposed to light, the lenses gradually return to their initial state of transparency when you enter closed environments or when the sunlight diminishes. The convenience of this type of lens has supported the need to make weather forecasts before dedicating yourself to your activity and deciding which pairs of lenses to bring in case of rapid changes. These lenses are particularly appreciated by those who practice mountain biking. If you are one of the athletes who often face various lighting conditions during their journey from light to dark, or vice versa, consider using photochromic lenses. Among these, those who practice mountain biking and trail running find them particularly useful. This particular type of lens is suitable for those looking for sports eyewear that can be used both indoors and outdoors, from playing tennis to road cycling and mountain biking, to beach volleyball, golf, and sailing.

    • Interchangeable lenses: Equipped with sets of lenses to be interchanged depending on weather conditions. Included, you will find a pair of mirrored lenses categorized as 3, suitable for days with strong solar and UV intensity. Also included are a pair of orange lenses categorized as 2, ideal for low light or rainy conditions. Additionally, there is a pair of transparent lenses categorized as 1, intended for practicing your sporting activity indoors, at night, or in very low light conditions. Interchangeable lenses are preferred by those who practice road cycling or running on asphalt but are also greatly appreciated by all athletes, especially in summer on blindingly sunny days (Smoke filter Category 3). This type of lens is suitable for those seeking sports glasses to be used both indoors and outdoors in every lighting and atmospheric condition.

    • Revo Anti-fog lenses: Recommended for every type of sport. The Revo lens, categorized as 3, is comparable to polarized lenses in terms of comfort. Externally, the super mirror hides the clip from sight. The internal surface is equipped with an anti-fog treatment to ensure you always have a clear view even during phases of greatest fatigue when the body temperature increases rapidly. The new generation HD lens increases definition, perfects the contrast of natural colors, and ensures clear vision even in shaded areas, surprising you and making it even more pleasant to practice your favorite sport.

    • Category 4 lenses: Recommended for hiking, mountaineering, and ski mountaineering. These lenses are very dark, specifically designed for use in glaciers. You'll benefit most from these lenses in areas with strong brightness, UV intensity, and strong glare.

    • Eyepiece Support: Absolute novelty in the field of sports eyewear. This special technology completely changes the concept of sports glasses, eliminating the need for a visible clip system and instead "flattens" the lens, widening the frontal and lateral field of vision by incorporating the prescription directly onto the main lens. Below is the video with detailed explanations of the VISTA SPORT model.


glasses vista sport with graduated lenses

Frame Material:

The ultra-light and elastic material used in the sports eyewear frames is TR90, a special composition made of Carbon Fiber and Nylon, which effectively increases its resistance to accidental impacts and the stresses incurred during lens assembly/disassembly, as well as enhancing their durability over time. TR90 is 20% lighter than conventional materials, which is particularly noteworthy considering the additional weight that the Clip Vista adds when graduated lenses are created and mounted.

The nose pads are made of soft hypoallergenic rubber and are also adjustable thanks to an internal aluminum core, ensuring an excellent fit for every facial shape. The temples feature a Grip system, also made of anti-slip hypoallergenic rubber, significantly optimizing the comfort and stability of the sports prescription glasses.

For the INFINITE OPTIC model, an additional feature includes removable rods to allow for the attachment of an elastic band. This technology is particularly appreciated by those who engage in sports such as MTB, cross-country skiing, running, and hiking, where constant vibrations require sports eyewear that remains securely anchored to the face.

The models of sports glasses including INFINITE OPTIC RX, OPTO OUTDOOR RX, and FUSION, feature an internal clip system where, through your trusted optician, graduated lenses can be created and fitted with the following parameters: Maximum sphere +/- 8.00 and Cylinder (astigmatism) +/- 2.00.

sports eyeglasses with clip optician for graduated lenses

For each pair of sports glasses, a hard case is provided.