Collection: Mountain Glasses with Polarized Lenses


Corrected text: Mountains and nature, every hiker's paradise. It's an escape from the gray of the city to fully immerse oneself in the green of nature. To enjoy every excursion to the fullest, it's important to use the right gear according to your needs, including technical shoes, socks, trousers, shells, etc.

Proper eye protection is also essential, and there are specific types of lenses that aid hikers in maintaining clear vision of the path while protecting their eyes from falls or accidental impacts with branches or stones.

DEMON has created a line of mountain glasses with polarized lenses suitable for hiking, climbing, and mountaineering. These glasses feature a strong wrap design to prevent light from filtering in from the sides and provide better protection from dust, insects, and wind. Additionally, the material is ultralight and elastic for a perfect fit.

Mountain glasses with smoke polarized lenses

Mountain glasses with polarized lenses can be utilized for trekking, mountaineering, glacier climbing, and climbing. The high-contrast lenses eliminate and diffuse transverse reflections of light, enhancing visibility and reducing glare.

Technical characteristics of mountain glasses with polarized lenses:

    • Polarized Lens: The polarized lens guarantees protectionone from UV rays, but not only: this specialand type of lens, in fact, is able to concentrate or diverge the rays of light and attenuate radiation UV-A and UV-B via a polarizing filter that eliminates transverse reflections.

The benefits of polarized lenses include:

  • Improved contrast perception
  • Clearer vision of faces
  • Preservation of natural colors
  • Reduction of transverse reflections
Pair of polarized lenses for mountain glasses

This type of lens for mountain glasses is recommended for those who practice hiking, while it is less suitable for mountaineering (e.g., expeditions above 4000m) as it could be too bright at very high altitudes with intense UV and light. However, for normal excursions, thanks to the perfect perception of natural colors, it will make you see the mountain with new eyes.

Shatterproof lens: Another fundamental aspect is unbreakability. Glasses must not only guarantee a perfect appearance during the ride but also protect your eyes in case of accidental impacts. The polarized lens of mountain glasses is made of solid polycarbonate, the safest material for constructing lenses for sports glasses. In fact, in the event of a very strong impact, the lens distributes the shock over the entire surface, avoiding splintering that could damage the eye.

Ultralight and Elastic Frame: The frame of polarized mountain glasses is made of TR90, a special composition of Carbon Fiber and Nylon. It is hypoallergenic when in contact with the skin, ultra-light (20% lighter than glasses made with conventional materials), elastic (providing increased comfort due to the extraordinary elasticity of the material), and resistant to impacts and mechanical stress, thus increasing the durability of the glasses over time.

Rubberized Parts: The rubberized parts are made of soft Megol, a hypoallergenic material that improves the comfort of the glasses and generates a strong increase in grip, providing greater stability.

Mountain glasses with polarized mirrored lenses for Hiking

Using mountain glasses with polarized lenses will often immerse you in a completely new world that you won't want to go without. The polarized lens is suitable for prolonged use even in very intense light conditions.

It is no coincidence that, in addition to all the visual improvements, it is considered the most restful type of lens currently on the market. In fact, it is suitable for practicing any sport where you are in contact with direct sunlight.

mountain glasses with polarized lenses for hiking