Collection: Glasses for Running and Trail Running Interchangeable Lenses


Running and Trail Running are two disciplines that share similarities yet differ significantly, not only in their technical aspects but also in the choice of materials. This disparity is evident in various factors, such as shoe cushioning, the use of protective socks against leaves and branches, and distinct technical stitching.

When it comes to eye safety and ensuring a clear view, there can be no compromise on the trail. These two attributes are paramount whether you're running on asphalt, track, or lightly packed dirt roads, or engaging in the rigorous sport of trail running or ultra trail racing.

triathlete wears running glasses with interchangeable mirrored lenses

Running and trail running glasses with interchangeable lenses:

What are the advantages of choosing running glasses or trail running glasses with interchangeable lenses? Certainly, the included lens package offers various types of lenses that can be swapped quickly and easily, allowing you to always have technical glasses suitable for the route you will tackle.

    • Smoke lens Category 3: 

      The presence of the category 3 smoke lens in the trail running glasses with interchangeable lenses is essential. This specialized lens features a smoky internal surface coloration and strong external mirroring, offering not only aesthetic appeal but also practical benefits by deflecting harmful UV rays. It's suitable for running on very sunny days, even with prolonged use, as well as for cloudy days with intense solar radiation.
      In trail running, this lens is particularly useful on days with very intense sunlight and during sessions in areas with sparse forest or light bush coverage.

Running and trail running mirror interchangeable lenses

    • Category 2 orange lens: The category 2 orange lens is more commonly used in trail running than on asphalt, as it enhances contrast and provides better perception of natural colors, particularly in lower light conditions. It's recommended for cloudy days or for trail running sessions in areas with large, dense forests where light may be limited.

    • Transparent lens category 1: The transparent lens is suitable for both trail running and running on asphalt. It's recommended for night running in both disciplines, providing basic protection from airborne debris and obstacles such as leaves, branches, dust, and insects.

Interchangeable lenses orange and clear for running and trail running

Frame features:

The frame of the running and trail running glasses with interchangeable lenses is made of TR90, a special composition of Nylon and Carbon Fiber. TR90 is highly resistant to impacts and mechanical stress, such as lens changes, due to its elasticity and durability. Additionally, it is 20% lighter than conventional materials and has a longer lifespan. The material is hypoallergenic and features rubberized inserts made of soft Megol, providing enhanced grip and vibration absorption when wearing the glasses.

All lenses of these glasses are unbreakable, ensuring maximum safety for the athlete's eyes against strong impacts from falls or collisions with branches during trail running. The lenses are designed to be wraparound for maximum side protection against light and obstacles, while also allowing for a continuous flow of air to combat fogging.

runner women's glasses for running and trail running with interchangeable lenses

Choosing glasses with interchangeable lenses for running and trail running means selecting technical eyewear that can be utilized in various light and weather conditions. They offer safety in case of impacts and ensure optimal visibility throughout your journey.

For those who wear prescription lenses?

For those who wear prescription glasses, there is a dedicated line of eyewear for running and trail with prescription lenses and interchangeable lenses. These sports glasses come equipped with a special clip-on view, allowing your trusted optician to handle the creation and insertion of prescription lenses.

eyeglasses for running and trail running with interchangeable lenses