Collection: Prescription sports glasses with interchangeable lenses


For every athlete requiring corrective lenses, selecting the perfect glasses is crucial to blend the need for optimal vision during sports activities with practicality and aesthetic appeal. Therefore, determining the most suitable type of lens for your preferred discipline is essential.

For all sports enthusiasts, DEMON has developed a range of sports eyeglasses with interchangeable lenses suitable for indoor and outdoor use. These glasses enable athletes or enthusiasts to enhance their performance and focus solely on their favorite sport.

Prescription sports glasses with interchangeable lenses

Prescription sports glasses with interchangeable lenses feature special sports frames with removable clipboards, allowing for the insertion of graduated lenses through your trusted optician. For models like FUSION and 285, three pairs of lenses are included in the package (smoke, orange, and transparent), each designed for specific use cases, which we will explain later.

Opting for prescription sports glasses with interchangeable lenses is one of the most effective and cost-efficient solutions available today. Using sports glasses with a clip-on system for lenses simplifies the graduation process. Positioned closer to the eye at base 6, these lenses allow for smaller, lighter, and more affordable lens options while ensuring perfect vision. This clip-on system serves as an ideal alternative for those who prefer sports glasses with graduated lenses. Graduating curved lenses in sports glasses without this system may risk creating lateral visual distortions and could be considerably more expensive.

Technical characteristics of prescription sports glasses with interchangeable lenses:

  • Interchangeable Lenses: The lenses provided in the prescription sports glasses with interchangeable lenses vary depending on the model you choose.

  • Smoke lens category 3: All eyewear models in the prescription sport line with interchangeable lenses come equipped with a category 3 smoke lens. The lens has a smoke base internally, while externally, there is a colored mirror associated with the frame color, which solely adds aesthetic value without affecting the glasses' performance. The category 3 smoke lens is recommended for outdoor use in harsh conditions of strong and medium brightness. This particular type of lens is practical for all outdoor sports, including cycling, running, tennis, beach volleyball, golf, sailing, fishing, water sports, and flying. It can also be used for low-altitude excursions in the mountains. For mountaineering, a specific model with a category 4 and photochromic 2-4 lens is available, offering optimal protection for the eyes in very intense light conditions.

  • Orange lens category 2: The Category 2 orange lens is recommended for outdoor use on days with medium light intensity, such as cloudy weather. It can also be used indoors for very strong artificial light conditions. The main feature of the orange lens is its high contrast, making it highly appreciated by those who practice MTB and trail running, especially when long stretches of dense forest are expected on the route.

  • Transparent Lens: The clear lens can be used for both indoor and outdoor activities. For those who practice night sports, it can be used as a simple protection from the elements.

Interchangeable lenses for prescription sports glasses

    • Shatterproof Lenses: A fundamental characteristic of prescription sports glasses with interchangeable lenses is the unbreakability of the lenses. Using shatterproof lenses is crucial for providing maximum protection for the eyes. In the event of an accidental impact, shatterproof lenses prevent the generation of fragments that could potentially damage the eyes. Instead, they distribute the shock of the impact over the entire surface of the lens, creating a "cobweb" effect that renders it ineffective. It is important to opt for shatterproof lenses for prescription lenses that will be applied to clip-on optics as well.

    • Optical clip: The optical clip is a specialized vision aid onto which corrective lenses can be applied through your trusted optician. The clip is removable at will; in fact, the glasses can be used as regular eyewear even without the clip, if you prefer to use contact lenses while engaging in your activity.

  • Ultralight and Elastic Frame: Considering both the prescription lenses and solar lens, the glasses tend to become heavier at the front. Therefore, it is necessary to use an ultra-light, elastic, and resistant frame to ensure comfortable wearing. All prescription sports eyeglasses with interchangeable lenses are crafted from TR90, a special composition of nylon and carbon fiber that renders the frame 20% lighter than conventional materials. Additionally, TR90 frames are more resistant to both high and low temperatures and boast greater durability over time.

    TR90 is a hypoallergenic composite, allowing it to remain in contact with the skin even after prolonged use without causing irritation. The GRIP rubberized parts are made of soft Megolo, another hypoallergenic material that prevents the glasses from slipping off the face, even during strong vibrations or sudden movements.

Prescription sports glasses

For which sports can they be used?

Prescription sports glasses with interchangeable lenses can be used for any type of sport. Below, we list the main disciplines for which the glasses can be used and their primary benefits:

    • ROAD BIKE: For racing bikes, using prescription sports glasses with interchangeable lenses offers more than just an aesthetic advantage; you'll experience significant benefits in having a clear view of the road and reading instruments such as the computer for speed and distance, GPS, etc.

      Additionally, depending on the weather conditions, you can select the appropriate lens to ensure optimal visibility, ensuring comfort even during prolonged use.

    • RUNNING e TRAIL RUNNING: For running and trail running, the same principle of changing lenses based on weather conditions applies. Additionally, for marathons, half marathons, ultramarathons, or any trail running outing, we particularly recommend using mirrored smoke lenses for days with intense sunlight or bad light conditions.

    • PARAGLIDING: For paragliding, flying sports, and piloting a tourist plane, using prescription sports glasses with interchangeable lenses is crucial for achieving a perfect view of the instruments. Moreover, having the ability to interchange the lenses ensures the flexibility to select the most suitable lens according to the prevailing light conditions.

    • WATER SPORTS: Whether for sailing, related disciplines, or simply piloting a boat, prescription sports glasses with interchangeable lenses will enable accurate reading of instruments and clear visibility, regardless of lighting conditions. Simply swap the provided lenses quickly and easily as needed.

    • BEACH VOLLEY: Prescription sports glasses with interchangeable lenses for beach volleyball can be utilized in various lighting conditions. For night games, simply mount the transparent filter, which will provide basic protection for the eyes against sand and air particles.

    • TENNIS: Utilizing glasses designed for tennis practice with prescription interchangeable lenses enables athletes to use them both indoors and outdoors. Simply select the appropriate filter based on the lighting conditions: Natural or Artificial.

    • GOLF: Even for golf, using glasses with a wide choice of lenses allows you to keep your eyes constantly relaxed in all lighting conditions.

We recommend choosing prescription sports glasses with interchangeable lenses for practicing your favorite indoor and outdoor sports.