Collection: Cycling and MTB glasses with polarized lenses


When discussing cycling or MTB glasses with polarized lenses, we often encounter clearly conflicting opinions. It's important to understand the type of lens, its advantages and disadvantages, and the benefits of use to determine whether using a polarized lens for cycling or mountain biking is the right choice for you.

Cycling glasses with polarized lenses

What is a polarized lens?

The polarized lens, recognizable in the Demon line with the name DPOL, is a particular lens created from unbreakable plastic material. In addition to protection from UV rays, it can concentrate and diverge light rays and attenuate UV-A and UV-B radiation through a polarizing filter that eliminates horizontal reflections. It can be used for the practice of any sport and is also utilized in the creation of many fashion glasses.Initially designed for sport fishing, the polarized lens was created to eliminate reflections, allowing fishermen to see bodies of water more clearly. Later, it found use in all water sports and eventually expanded beyond sports to various outdoor activities.The main advantage of the polarized lens is the sense of relaxation it provides to the eyes. It has proven to be one of the most soothing lenses for the eyes available on the global market.

Advantages of the polarized lens in cycling glasses:

  • Better perception of contrast
  • Clearer vision
  • No alteration of natural colors
  • Elimination of horizontal reflections

The benefits of using a polarized lens for cycling are numerous. Some are immediately noticeable upon wearing the glasses, while others become apparent when viewing a green expanse. Even after a couple of hours under the strong sun, the eyes feel rested as if the ride had just begun.

glasses for road and mtb cycling with polarized lenses model 832

The polarized lens is often used for road cycling because rides with road bikes typically last longer than those with mountain bikes. Especially on very sunny days in summer, using a polarized lens can make the difference between a visually uncomfortable outing and one that completely relaxes the eyes.Many people also use polarized cycling glasses for mountain biking. This is because when you're in close contact with nature, the high contrast and better perception of natural colors make the outing unique.

Those who choose polarized glasses for cycling often use the same glasses for other disciplines such as mountain excursions, running (if they don't have time to cycle), tennis, beach volleyball, and more. Why is the polarized lens perfect for practicing any type of sport?

polarized lenses for cycling glasses


It is crucial to consider that the polarized lens for cycling glasses is made of unbreakable plastic material. This ensures not only perfect vision through the lens but also maximum safety in the event of accidents or impacts with obstacles and projections such as leaves, branches, insects, pebbles, and dust. In the event of a strong impact, the lens does not break and does not generate fragments that could harm the eye; instead, it forms a web-like effect caused by the transmission of the impact over the entire surface of the lens.

The frames are made of TR90, a special composition of hypoallergenic nylon and carbon fiber, making the glasses 20% lighter than conventional materials. They are also more resistant to high and low temperatures without deformation and much more resistant to impacts and mechanical stress. This special composition has memory, meaning that when the glasses are worn, they expand to better conform to the shape of the head and then return to their original state when not in use.The non-slip rubberized parts are made of soft Megol, a special and ultra-light hypoallergenic plastic material which, combined with TR90, allows for the creation of ultra-light and comfortable glasses. Some models are equipped with a nose pad with an aluminum core, allowing you to adjust the size of the nose pad to fit any nose shape.