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Collection: Otg Snow goggles with Category 3 Smoke Lenses


For skiers and snowboarders who wear optical frames daily and find it challenging to ski with contact lenses, DEMON has developed a line of snow goggles with category 3 OTG smoke lenses. The significance of using an OTG snow goggle lies in the ability to wear your own optical frames beneath the goggles.

The Snow OTG mask with smoke lenses features a specially shaped side frame to facilitate the insertion of eyeglasses, along with a slightly wider front shape to accommodate and stabilize the glasses.

Utilizing a snow goggle that accommodates your frames is the ultimate solution for ski and snowboard enthusiasts seeking a technical goggle that consistently ensures visibility on and off the track. With the option to use prescription lenses, you can focus solely on enjoying your time and performance without compromise.

Prescription snow goggles with mirrored lenses

Technical characteristics of OTG snow goggles with category 3 smoke lenses:

  • Smoke Lens Category 3: The category 3 smoke lens of the OTG snow goggle is crafted from high-quality anti-breakage polycarbonate. It not only ensures clear vision on the track and off-piste but also provides safety, capable of withstanding strong impacts and torsions without generating fragments that could harm the eyes of the wearer. The lens consists of a double layer separated by a plastic material, creating a cavity effect to reduce thermal shock between the external environment and the internal surface of the lens, which is the primary cause of condensation and fogging. The internal surface of the lens is treated with an anti-fog treatment, complementing the double lens to effectively prevent fogging.

    The lens features internal smoke tints of category 3, making it suitable for days with intense light intensity and prolonged use. The relaxing effect on the eyes when using this lens is akin to that of a polarized lens. Externally, the lens boasts a strong mirroring effect, which not only adds to its aesthetic appeal but also serves to deflect light rays, enhancing eye relaxation.

  • OTG: Over The Glasses, the acronym that signifies this special type of snow goggles for skiing and snowboarding. In practical terms, this means that the mask can be worn over your optical frame thanks to specific details in the sponge part and a pronounced shape that allows for the accommodation of the optical frame.

ski goggles for graduated lenses with mirrored lenses

In the triple-density sponge, there are specific shapes designed to facilitate the insertion of your optical frame while ensuring its comfort without putting pressure on the temples during use.

At the front, the mask provides stable and comfortable accommodation for the frame, enabling prolonged use with maximum comfort.

The mount is crafted from a special plastic material resistant to both high and low temperatures without deformation. Additionally, there are sections designed to increase ventilation and combat fogging.

    • Elastic with Silicone Grip Sections: The elastic of the OTG snow goggle with category 3 smoke lens is equipped with silicone grip sections, enhancing adherence to the helmet even in challenging conditions.

Using an OTG snow goggle with smoke lens is the ideal solution for those who prioritize skiing with complete safety while maintaining clear vision even when the goggles are removed, ensuring no missed moments on the snow. It eliminates the need for skiers to carry their eyeglasses in a backpack or pockets, promoting freedom of movement and safety.

DEMON is dedicated to continuous research and development of new technologies to produce OTG snow goggles for skiers and snowboarders, addressing all needs arising from practicing your favorite discipline while wearing your own optical frame.