Collection: Glasses for water sports

Glasses for water sports

Using glasses for water sports is the best choice to protect your eyes from direct and reflected light, ensuring maximum safety. They also shield against water splashes, which can otherwise affect performance and enjoyment during your favorite water activities.

Water Sports sunglasses polarized lenses for sailing

What features should water sports glasses have:

Protection from light, even during intense and prolonged use, is the primary function of water sports goggles. Selecting a high-quality lens is crucial to prevent eye strain, especially with extended wear. Therefore, opting for a category 3 lens is recommended, as it provides optimal darkness for maximum eye protection even in bright conditions.

Polarized lenses not only shield against UV rays but also have the unique ability to concentrate or diffuse light rays and reduce UV-A and UV-B radiation through a polarizing filter. This feature helps eliminate glare and annoying reflections caused by sunlight bouncing off reflective surfaces like water bodies.

While polarized lenses offer added benefits for water sports, using a category 3 filter is also ideal for engaging in your favorite activities.

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Protection from impacts is ensured by the polycarbonate lenses featured in the Demon sports glasses collection. Polycarbonate is a special type of plastic known for its high impact resistance. In case of a collision, even a significant one, the lens disperses the force evenly across its surface. This exceptional resistance to impact allows for the creation of lightweight yet extremely durable lenses, contributing to the overall comfort of the glasses.

With polycarbonate lenses, you can rest assured of maximum eye safety, even in the face of strong or unexpected impacts.

Stable and durable frame: The TR90, a special blend of nylon and carbon fiber utilized by DEMON in crafting all sports sunglasses frames and Vista Sport, stands out for its exceptional qualities. It is hypoallergenic and can withstand extreme conditions, even during prolonged use, without causing skin irritation.

The TR90's notable features include exceptional elasticity and resistance to accidental impacts and mechanical stress, such as those encountered during lens changes. Moreover, it is 20% lighter than frames made from conventional materials. Typically, a frame constructed with this blend weighs between 20 and 45 grams, depending on the thickness of the frame.

The rubberized components are crafted from soft hypoallergenic Megol, a non-slip material ensuring maximum stability of the glasses on the face.

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Accessories: Some additional accessories are available for separate purchase, including the neoprene elastic cord and the floating elastic cord. The neoprene elastic cord ensures greater stability of the glasses on the face, while the floating elastic cord enables water sports glasses to remain afloat in case of a fall into the water.

Floating elastic band for water sports sunglasses