Collection: Sports glasses for Padel

Sports glasses for Padel

For Padel players, using technical materials is crucial for achieving optimal performance. DEMON has catered to enthusiasts, amateurs, and professionals alike who engage in the sport of Padel by crafting a line of ultra-light sports glasses. These glasses are designed to stay securely on the face even during the rapid movements characteristic of this sport.

Sports glasses for padel

Goggles designed for Padel, a sport similar to tennis but played on a smaller court with surrounding walls, are essential for protecting the eyes during gameplay. Here are some key features to consider when selecting Padel glasses:

Impact resistance: Padel glasses should offer adequate protection against impacts from balls and rackets. Look for glasses with a sturdy frame and lenses that meet safety standards.

Clear vision: Ensure your glasses have high-quality lenses that provide clear and sharp visibility of the court.

UV protection: Opt for glasses with lenses that offer effective protection against harmful UV rays. Intense sunlight can pose risks to your eyes, so ensure your glasses provide sufficient UV protection.

Secure fit: It's crucial that Padel glasses fit your face well and remain securely in place during gameplay. Look for glasses with rubberized nose pads and temples to ensure a comfortable and secure fit.

Aerodynamic design: Given the fast-paced nature of Padel involving rapid movements and exchanges, glasses with an aerodynamic design are recommended. This reduces the risk of visual obstructions or glasses slipping off during play.

Optional: Polarized lenses: If you play on outdoor courts, consider glasses with polarized lenses. These lenses reduce glare from the court surface, improving visibility and contrast.

Remember to try out different models of glasses to find the ones that offer the best combination of protection and comfort for your face shape and gameplay style.

Our frames are made of TR90, a special blend of Nylon and Carbon fiber that is 20% lighter than conventional materials while being highly resistant to impacts and mechanical stress.

We offer various types of lenses to cater to different needs:

Photochromic lenses: Starting from category 1 (suitable for night use and indoor settings), these lenses transition to higher categories, reaching almost category 3 intensity in maximum UV exposure. Highly versatile, they are ideal for road cycling, mountain biking, running, and Trail Running, adapting well to various weather conditions.

Padel glasses with photochromic lenses

  • Polarized lenses are among the most soothing options for the eyes available. In addition to eliminating bothersome horizontal reflections, they boast crucial technical features for maintaining optimal vision during gameplay:

    • Enhanced contrast perception
    • Clearer vision
    • Preservation of natural colors
    • Elimination of horizontal reflections
    Padel glasses with polarized lenses

    • Interchangeable lenses add versatility to your Padel glasses. The category 3 mirrored lens not only provides sun and UV protection but also imparts a bold aesthetic to your eyewear, ensuring you look stylish on the court. Additionally, the set includes a pair of high-contrast orange lenses for cloudy conditions and a pair of transparent lenses for indoor play, offering adaptability to various lighting environments.
    Padel glasses with interchangeable lenses

    • Mirrored lenses exude a dominant super-mirrored exterior, leaving nothing to chance. Internally, the multi-layered surface ensures a clear view of the game even during phases of intense fatigue when body temperature rises significantly. With the new generation lens, you'll experience HD vision. The perfect contrast of colors will amaze you, enhancing the enjoyment of playing your favorite sport, Padel.
    Woman padel glasses with mirror lenses