Collection: Children's Fashion Sunglasses


It is very important to protect your child's eyes as best as possible with safe material quality. DEMON he therefore created a line of for a smaller audience fashion glasses. Ultra-light frames and polycarbonate lenses top quality not only guarantees perfect faces but they are safer even in the event of an accidental impact.

All frames are in TR90 a special composition di Nylon and carbon fiber which makes ours sports glasses and children's fashion 20% lighter than conventional materials and more resistant to traction and accidental impacts with a consequent increase in durability over time.

Le category 3 colored lensesone smoke They are made of polycarbonate in top quality. You reduce itone the considerable weight that this material entails is very important in order to provide the child with ultra-light glasses that do not cause the slightest discomfort. Furthermore, the particularity of the material is its extreme resistance to accidental impacts as it does not create any fragments that could damage the eyes, forming a spider's web and invalidating the lens.

The nose piece and the terminals for sports glasses they are in soft hypoallergenic rubber, to offer maximum fit and excellent comfort.

For your child, demand only quality products in top quality.