Collection: Children's ski and snowboard goggles with category 3 smoke lenses

Children's ski and snowboard goggles with category 3 smoke lenses

It is essential to protect your child's eyes as best as possible in the mountains. specialmind on very intense sunny days. In the mountains, UV rays and sunlight are stronger than at lower altitudes.
Using a category 3 smoke lens for children's ski and snowboard goggles represents protection greater for your child's eyes throughout the duration of your day on the snow.

Fundamental aspects:

    • Color visual safety (high visibility colors): The children's ski and snowboard goggles with smoke lens are created with very bright and fluorescent colors, in addition to classici black and white. Studies have shown that wearing colored or fluorescent clothing on the slopes significantly reduces the probability of accidental impact with other skiers or boarders, since the eye needs less time to see and understand that there is a colored obstacle nearby.

    • Shatterproof lens: The shatterproof lens for children's ski and snowboard goggles with smoke lens is essential. It is in one special plastic material and is able to withstand even very strong impacts and tractions without breaking. This means that your child's eyes are optimally protected from UV, but also from possible impacts.

    • Perfect facesone of the track: Seeing the track well is another fundamental aspect. The smoke lens for children's goggles for high-precision skiing and snowboarding it is able to allow those who use it to better see every ripple, bump or depression present on the track. Using a lens that allows you to see the track best is essential in terms of safety because being able to avoid any obstacles are located, it will be much easier to avoid them.

    • Unbreakable frame: The frame of the children's goggle with smoke lens for skiing and snowboarding is also shatterproof. It is able to resist low temperatures without deformation and protects the child's face in the event of an accidental impact. Also thanks to a generous high-density hypoallergenic sponge positioned between the face and the plastic material of the mask.

Children ski goggle with mirror smoke lens

Type of lenses:

The category 3 smoke lens for children's ski and snowboard goggles is created in a single lens. It is very important to know that we recommend using the smoke lens only for days with bad conditions of strong light, at the limit cloudy weather but with high brightness.
This is because the category 3 smoke lens for skis and snowboards for children is much darker than the orange lens and therefore adapts only to certain light conditions, while guaranteeing greater protection for the eyes.

The single anti-fog lens allows for perfect facial vision of the route. The anti-fog treatment effectively combats formation of condensation on the internal surface. Creation is not necessary of a double lens because it is generally used at higher temperatures than the orange lens.

For the child who wears eyeglasses?

For the child who wears eyeglasses in collections is present Clip Universal sight that allows you to install prescription lenses on the ski and snowboard goggles for children with smoke lens.
La clip it can be assembled and disassembled as desired, so in the event of a mask change it can be easily disassembled and rimshamed.

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Universal prescription clip for ski goggles