Ultracycling Glasses

Ultracycling, with its long distances and extreme challenges, requires specific equipment to ensure maximum safety, comfort and performance throughout the duration of extended rides. Ultracycling glasses play a crucial role in ensuring a good lookone clear, protect yourselfone from the elements and optimal comfort for cyclists engaged in long-distance adventures.

Ultracycling glasses

Ultracycling is a discipline of cycling that involves covering long distances on the road in a single continuous event. Unlike traditional road cycling races, which usually have a set distance and are divided into several stages, in ultracycling the goal is to travel the maximum distance possible in a continuous period of time.

Ultracycling races can vary greatly in distance, duration and course difficulty. Some examples of ultracycling events include:

  1. Race Across America (RAAM): One of the most famous ultracycling races, the RAAM involves crossing the United States from west to east, covering a distance of more than 4.800 kilometers. Participants must complete the ride in a limited amount of time, usually in less than 12 days.

  2. Transcontinental Race (TCR): An ultramarathon cycling event that crosses Europe from west to east. Participants must navigate independently through various checkpoints, covering a distance of more than 4.000 kilometers.

  3. Indian Pacific Wheel Race (IPWR): A race that crosses Australia from west to east, with a distance of over 5.000 kilometres. Athletes must face a variety of weather conditions and terrains along the route.

  4. Ultra-Endurance Mountain Biking: Even in mountain biking there are ultracycling races, which involve routes on rough terrain and can cover hundreds of kilometers in a single session.one driving.

Ultracycling athletes face unique challenges, such as handlingone of fatigue, limited sleep, maintenance of nutritionone and adaptation to various weather conditions. The extreme nature of these races requires preparationone intensive physical and mental training and great resistance.

Ultracycling glasses with mirrored lenses


Ultracycling has become increasingly popular in recent years, attracting elite cyclists and extreme challenge enthusiasts from around the world. The discipline offers not only a test of athletes' physical abilities, but also the chance to explore unique landscapes and face significant personal challenges.

How to choose glasses for ultracycling?

Choosing the right glasses for ultracycling is essential to ensure a good lookone clear, protect yourselfone from the elements and comfort over long distances and in variable conditions. Here are some factors to consider when selecting glasses for ultracycling:

  1. Prosthesisone UVs:

    • Make sure the lenses offer protectionone complete with UV rays. This feature is essential for protecting the eyes during long exposures to the sun and very strong light intensities.
      Women's glasses for ultracycling with photochromic lens
  2. Photochromic lenses:

    • The photochromic lenses automatically adapt to light conditions, offering a clear viewone optimal in various situations. They are ideal for ultracycling, where light conditions can vary considerably.
      Ultracycling eyeglasses with mirrored photochromic lens
  3. Coverage and Protectionsone:

    • Choose glasses with a wraparound frame and appropriately sized lenses for maximum coverage. This will protect your eyes from wind, dust and other debris during long rides.
      Wrap-around glasses for ultracycling
  4. Lightness and ventilationone:

    • Opt for lightweight, well-ventilated goggles to avoid heat build-up and fogging during extended riding sessions.
  5. Adaptability to the Helmet:

    • Make sure the glasses are compatible with your helmet. The combinationone helmet-goggles should provide a comfortable fit without pressure pointsone.
  6. Impact Resistance and Robustness:

    • Consider glasses with impact-resistant lenses and a sturdy frame. These are important to deal with any challenges or bumps during your rides.

  7. Aerodynamics:

    • Goggles with an aerodynamic design can reduce wind resistance, improving speed performance. However, it is essential to find a balance between aerodynamics and comfort.
  8. Interchangeable Lenses:

    • Some models of ultracycling glasses offer interchangeable lenses to adapt to different light conditions and environments. This flexibility can be invaluable during a long-distance race.
      ES: transparent lens for night.
  9. Compatibility with Prescription lensesone:

  10. If possible, speak to an expert for advice:

  • Consider your budget and contact a company expert who will recommend the most id modelsonefor your needs.

Finally, try different models primbefore purchasing to ensure they fit properly and meet your specific needs. The right glasses can significantly improve the riding experience when ultracycling.