sports glasses with graduated lenses

Are you looking for sports glasses with graduated lenses? With Demon today it is possible to receive at home your new sports eyeglasses (including graduated lenses) ready to use, created with graduated lenses tailored to your needs.

Demon offers grading serviceone lenses on the models compatible with prescription lenses present on the online store

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Sports eyeglasses

Guide to choosing your sports eyeglasses:

Eyeglasses for Trail Running and Hiking model GRAVEL mirrored lens
  • Choose the sports glasses you want to graduate and send us the prescription from your last eye exam.
    You can send us the recipe via:

IMPORTANT: The gradation values ​​are shown in the technical data sheet of each modelone of supported lenses:

  • For models with clip: Sphere ( + / - 8 ) Cylinder ( + / - 3 )
    It is also reported whether the model supports monofocal or multifocal lenses (bifocal and progressive)
    The powers mentioned above can be overcome through super thin lenses.
    If the chosen model does not support gradationone of lenses or the result (based on our experience) may not be optimal, we will recommend an alternative model more idoneo.
    - Graduallyone directly to the mount: Our partner optician will be able to show you and send you photos of the colors and mirrors of the lenses you can choose from.
    (As well as recommending models that support sun lenses).
eyeglasses for skiing
  • Warranty and Assistance: All sports glasses with prescription lenses will be shipped together with the certificate of conformity (issued by our partner optician who takes care of the creationone and lens fitting) and will take care of assistance relating to prescription lenses and will be ready and available to answer any questions relating to prescription lenses.
    Regarding the frame and accessories Demon we will directly deal with technical assistance and warranty on the glasses.
    We will therefore provide you with a 360° service on your new sports eyeglasses.
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  • Accepted Payment Methods:
    - Paypal
    - Credit card
    - Bank transfer
  • Receive and use your new prescription glasses

Contact us for any questions or requests, one of our operators will be at your complete disposalone.