Sports glasses for Myopia

Sports glasses for Myopia, for those who need corrective lenses to practice their favorite sport

For all athletes who use prescription glasses for correctionone of myopia during sports practice. DEMON he therefore created a line of sports eyeglasses for Correzione of myopia that can be used for the practice of any sport. 

It is therefore possible to choose both models with Clip from Internal view that sporty wraparound frames as per the model VISTA SPORT, which in addition to the correctionone for myopia it allows you to mount lenses: Progressive, bifocal, multifocal without limitationsone of powers.

All other sports eyeglasses in collectionsone usable for correctionone of myopia are equipped with clip from sight internal, in which the trusted optician will take care of the creationone of prescription lenses. The advantage of choosing a model with clip from sight for correctionone of myopia is the value for money. Choosing this type of sports glasses significantly reduces the cost of the prescription lens because:
- It is smaller than the main lens
- It is protected by the main lens, so it will be coloredone neutral
The indicative cost compared to the graduationsone normal is around 35% less than the graduationone of the main lens.
Furthermore you can choose between: Photochromic lensesPhotochromic lenses DCHROMlenses DCHANGE InterchangeablePhotochromic lenses 2-4Category 4 lenses

All the glasses in the collectionone vista sport have frames made of TR90 a specialand compositionsone of Nylon and carbon fiber which makes the glasses 20% lighter than the use of conventional materials. 
They are more elastic and resistant to impacts and mechanical tractions, they are also more resistant to high and low temperatures without deformation. The material is hypoallergenic and allows even very prolonged use without irritating the skin. 
The consequence is the significant increase in the lifespan of the glasses even with very frequent and prolonged use.

All the most demanding challenges will become safer, one faceone better leads to greater safety. Ultralight materials and polycarbonate lensesrimThe quality will make each of your activities unique.

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