Sports glasses for Astigmatics

Sports glasses for Astigmatics, for those who need corrective lenses to practice their favorite sport

For all athletes who suffer from astigmatism Demon has created a line of sports eyeglasses with the aim of perfecting facesone and maximum protectionone for the eyes during sports practice.
There are two different types of product for the most part performance:
Sporty wraparound frame: The reference modelrimento is VISTA SPORT, of which you can find the video reviewsone above. These sports eyeglasses allow for creationone of any type of lens (bifocal, multifocal, progressive or more common and simpler lenses)one) without power limitations. It can also be used for the practice of any type of sport as it can be seen as the classica optical frame with the benefit of the snug fit of sports glasses. (Video reviewsone above)

- Glasses with clip from sight: You collect itone also extends to sports glasses with clip from sight usable for correctionone of astigmatism. The use of clip eyeglasses is a type of product with an excellent quality-price ratio that allows significant savings during the creation phaseone of the lens because it will be enough to create a simple lens in a neutral color, which will be protected by the main lens which can be of the most various types depending on the sport being practiced. In collectionsone find sports glasses with clip prescription glasses with lenses: PhotochromicPhotochromic DCHROMPhotochromic 2-4DCHANGE InterchangeableCategory 4.


  frames are made of TR90 a specialand compositionsone of Carbon Fiber and Nylon which makes the glasses 20% lighter and much more resistant than glasses made with conventional materials. It also influences the increase in resistance without deformation at high and low temperatures, is more elastic and resistant to impacts and tractions. The main consequence is the significant increase in the lifespan of sports eyeglasses.
TR90 is also a hypoallergenic material, in fact it can also be used for very prolonged use and in extreme conditions without irritating the skin.

All the most demanding challenges will become safer, one faceone better leads to greater safety.

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