Military glasses, also called ballistic glasses, are fundamental tools for the equipment of every athlete/enthusiast who practices Airsoft. They provide double protectionone, in Primis to protect the eye from enemy fire, and must also protect the eye from air, dust and all elements that could come into contact with the eyes, decreasing safety and security. performance.

Glasses are an essential element of the equipment of every athlete who practices airsoft, on the market there are a myriad of ballistic glasses that apparently seem the same, let's now technically analyze the fundamental characteristics, materials and technologies to choose your new one airsoft glasses.

We start from the assumption that airsoft glasses are an apparently simple tool but which at the same time require careful Basically because glasses are not all the same and different characteristics will perform better for some situations or light and climatic conditions than others. To ensure maximum enjoymenttimento in complete safety DEMON has created a detailed guide for you to help you choose the glasses that best suit your needs.


How do ballistic glasses differ from other glasses? In appearance, ballistic glasses may resemble other glasses used for sports, in fact the materials that make up the lenses and frames are very similar, in recent years there has been a total evolutionone in constructionone of sports glasses, safety has become the fundamental element, they are also built with anti-breakage lenses and elastic frames that are ultra resistant to accidental impacts.


The airsoft glasses feature anti-breakage polycarbonate lenses, the polycarbonate lens differs from normal glass lenses, which we absolutely do not recommend for the practice of airsoft, because they involve very high risks for the eye in case of breakage.
Polycarbonate is one specialand compositionsone plastic with high impact resistance. The peculiarity of this material is that in the event of an impact, even a very strong one, the lens distributes the shock across the entire surface. The resistance to tensionone impact is therefore very high, this allows us to create very fine and at the same time ultra-resistant lenses, allowing the overall weight of the glasses to be significantly reduced.
The lens must be curved and wide, at the same time it must fit well to the face to best protect the eyes from enemy fire, and from all the obstacles you may encounter on the battlefield: leaves, branches, tall grass, dust. You protect herone in addition to being wide frontally it must also be wide laterally. The lenses DEMON they are therefore created to offer greater protectionone lateral, a feature that is often underestimated.


The best glasses are those that during use you forget that you are wearing them. This is the basic assumption of DEMON for the creationone of every sports frame. The airsoft glasses have frames made of TR90, one specialand compositionsone of Nylon and Carbon Fiber which makes the glasses 20% lighter than frames made with conventional materials. It is also more resistant to impacts and tractions. It is more resistant than standard materials at high and low temperatures without deformation. The TR90 is equipped with "memory", which means that when we wear the frame it "expands" to comfortably wrap the head, and when it is removed it will return to its original shape. The advantage of using this specialand compositionsone is the exp increaseonential of the lifespan of the airsoft goggles.
To increase comfort, the airsoft glasses of the line DEMON they are equipped with an adjustable temple, in fact it is possible to adjust the length of the temple as desired for maximum comfort and the perfect fit for every facial physiognomy.

The rubberized parts are made of soft hypoallergenic megol, not only do they increase comfort during fit but they have a non-slip characteristic, in fact even during periods of great fatigue or strong vibrations the airsoft goggles rimane stable to the face, preventing annoying micro-slips towards the tip of the nose.

Often underestimated question, why choose a frame with a free lens rather than a frame with a closed lens? The common misconception is that using a frame that does not have a free lens in the lower part protects more than a frame with a free lens, which is false.
A frame with a free curved wrap-around lens is able to offer the same protectionone of glasses with a closed frame. The main advantage is another, in fact using a frame with a free lens allows us to increase the field of vision in the front part, we will be able to see more effectively where we place our feet, because we see itone in the lower part it will be wider.

Let's now get into the technical aspect, because the glasses must protect the eyes from impacts, but must also guarantee perfect and constant to allow the airsoft athlete the maximum performance and funtimento.
There are various coloursone of lenses, each for different light conditions, environments or conditionsone climate. Below we explain in detail the various lens colors and for which conditions they offer the best performance.

  • Transparent Lens: 
     Indoor, Fog, Zone Very dense forest, Rain, Cloudy Weather, Night
    Note: The transparent lens is an indispensable element in the equipment for those who practice airsoft, it is ultra performing for low light conditions, it can in fact be used for foggy, rainy and very cloudy days. We recommend its use if your practice will be in an area with woods, specialmind for stretches of very thick bush, where a dark lens could diminish the perfect visionone. For those who practice at sunset, or extend the practice into the night, the transparent lens is the only element to be able to continue the practice in complete safety for the eyes.
    The ballistic glasses with transparent lens can be used indoors at the range, to best protect the eyes and at the same time guarantee perfect of the target.
    Model: VENTO Transparent Lens
  • Orange Lens:
    Cloudy weather, Zone Woodsy, little intense sun
    Note: The orange lens is a very useful accessory element in airsoft equipment, the orange lens has high contrast as its characteristic, in fact it lightens the faceone and allows you to identify the opponent or any obstacles more efficiently. This type of lens is particularly suitable for zone woodland as it does not alter the contrast of natural colours. It can also be used in cloudy weather. We also recommend it for days with little intense sun, specialmind for days where using a smoke lens is too dark and using a clear lens is too light. The orange lens is one specialand intermediate lens which completes the range of lenses for all conditionsone of light and atmosphere.
    Model: VENTO Orange Lens
  • Smoke Lens:
    Intense sun, large open spaces
    Note: The smoke lens is the classica lens for intense sunny days. The only solutionone to allow maximum protectionone and relaxation for the eyes. The darkness of this lens is the same as common sunglasses. We recommend using this lens only for large open spaces, because in zone forests may be too dark.
    Model: VENTO Smoke Lens
  • Interchangeable Lenses:
    Zone Forested, Cloudy weather, Little intense sun, Intense sun
    Note: Ballistic glasses with interchangeable lenses are supplied as standardone with a smoke lens and a high contrast orange one. By interchanging the lens they perform better for all conditionsone of light. Changing lenses is quick and practical, and in 8 seconds it is possible to remove and rimreplace the replacement lens. The choice of this type of airsoft glasses is for all athletes who want complete glasses that guarantee maximum e performance.
    Model: GRAZ Interchangeable lenses
airsoft glasses with interchangeable lenses model graz
  • Photochromic lenses:
    Usage: All light and indoor conditions on the range
    Note: Photochromic lenses are lenses that, when exposed to UV radiation or sunlight in general, start a reactionone reversible chemistry and darken. Once you irradiate itone of light disappears, the lenses gradually return to their initial state of transparency. Using this type of lens for airsoft practice means choosing sports glasses for protectionone of the eyes that is able to dynamically adapt to any conditionsone of light. The eye will always be protected and at the same time in maximum relaxation to allow the athlete to concentrate solely on performanceone.
    Model: GRAZ Photochromic lenses

The frame of the VENTO model is designed to combat fogging through a particular system that channels the air flow preventing the formation ofone of condensation on the internal surface of the lens.
There is also one specialand cleaning and anti-fog spray which is able to best clean the lens of your airsoft goggles, and at the same time forms a temporary anti-fog film (about 4 days) for perfect visibilityone during practice even in extreme conditions.

Anti-fog cleaning liquid for sports glasses

For those who use prescription glasses on a daily basis and while practicing airsoft, they cannot wear prescription lenses DEMON has created eyeglasses for airsoft with the same characteristics and technologies described above.
There are 2 different types of technology that can be used: Clip sight and graduationsone of the sports optical frame for airsoft.
The two reference modelsrimI am FUSION e VISTA SPORT, we report below the various models in the available variants in order to identify the best model based on your needs: 

  • FUSION Interchangeable Lenses:
    Technology: Clip Optical - 3 Pairs of lenses suppliedone (Transparent - Orange - Smoke)
    use: Every conditionsone of light, can also be used indoors on the shooting range
    Note: FUSION it is the complete eyeglasses for airsoft with interchangeable lenses that make the glasses perfect for all light and weather conditions. The various lenses can be interchanged quickly and easily according to needs. The transparent lens can also be used on the range as a simple protectorone for the eyes
    Click on the photo to access the technical data sheet:
  • FUSION Photochromic lenses:
    Technology: Clip Optical
    use: Every conditionsone of light, can also be used indoors on the shooting range
    Note: The photochromic lens is the best performing lens in the sports field as it adapts based on the light conditions by lightening and darkening. FUSION with photochromic lenses is the solutionone for those looking for airsoft eyeglasses where they don't have to change lenses based on weather and light conditions but just put on the glasses and start the match.
    Click on the photo to access the technical data sheet:
  • VISTA SPORT - Sports optical frame for Softair:
    Technology: Optical support based on 6
    use: The use varies based on the type of lens that is created by your trusted optician
    Note: VISTA SPORT it's evolutionone of the sports frame usable for airsoft. It can in all respects be seen as your own optical frame worn every day, with the advantages of the snug fit of typical sports glasses built with ultra-light and resistant materials. The base 6 optical support allows you to reduce graduation costsone of the curved lens of the sports glasses, also increases the lateral field of vision compared to the use of the clip from sight. It also allows you to mount any type of graduated lens: standard, progressive, multifocal, bifocal lenses, even with high powers.
    Click on the photo to access the technical data sheet:

In collectionsone There are some accompanying objects which, based on needs, can complete your airsoft glasses with extra technologies:

  • Neoprene elastic cord: The soft neoprene elastic cord is inserted in the final part of the temple and is compatible with any airsoft goggles on the market. It allows you to increase the stability of the glasses on the face. It can be used to prevent the glasses from moving on the face in the event of sudden movements or strong vibrations.
  • Microfibre fleece: This item is about cleaning the lens. To best protect and clean the lens of your airsoft goggles.
  • Hard Case: Other accessory related to conservationone of your airsoft glasses, in fact if the glasses are placed in the backpack they could impact with other hard elements and be ruined. Storing the airsoft goggles inside a hard case ensures the owner's integrity if stored in the backpack.