Ski Mask for Fog

Ski Mask for Fog

Fog ski mask with clear lens

Skiing in conditions with poor visibility in complete safety is optimal only when using id equipmentonee.
To best protect the eyes and at the same time guarantee the best faceone of the ski slope Demon has created a fog ski goggle with double clear lenses and anti-fog treatment.

ski slope where you can use fog ski goggles
Ski slope during a foggy day where you can use fog ski goggles

Which lens is more functional?

Smoke Lens: On foggy days We advise against the smoke colored lens because it is too dark with low light, in fact it does not allow visibilityone of bumps, ripples, compromising the actual purpose of the mask. TO AVOID

Orange Lens: The orange lens, on the other hand, can be used for days with fog or very cloudy weather. However it is not the most id lensoneae performing. In fact, the orange lens was created as a "multipurpose" lens that can be used on sunny days, as well as in cloudy weather or low light.
However, if you are looking for a ski mask for fog, it is not the best performing one.

Transparent Lens: It is the lens built for fog, snow, night and all those days with very low light intensity where the skier needs a simple barrier from the air that does not alter or darken the vision in any

The transparent lens is the most performing and safe for the skier looking for a fog ski goggle.
The peculiarity of this specialand lens in addition to the compositionone it is the double-layer lens that reduces and contrasts the difference in external temperature with the internal temperature (which generally causes fogging). It is also equipped with an anti-fog treatment and is resistant to impacts and tractions.

The frame of the fog ski mask is very elastic and durable without deformation at low temperatures. As with the lens, the frame is also resistant to impacts and tractions.

The sweat sponge of the fog ski mask is multi-layered with high density and to promote maximum comfort and prevents cold and drafts from coming into contact with the eyes andone of face protected by the mask.

The side fins allow the fog ski mask to best adapt to any helmet on the market.

The elastic is equipped with silicone support for maximum grip on the helmet even with very strong vibrations typical of carving or the highest speed.


clear lens fog ski mask
Ski mask for Nebbia model MATRIX

The features of the fog ski goggles can be found in the model's product sheet MATRIX (click on the photo to access). This way you can choose your fog ski goggles from the comfort of your home in our E-commerce it will be simple, too grazie the chat support available for any technical questions or doubts about which model is best for you.

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