Polarized driving sunglasses to reach

Polarized driving sunglasses to reach your destination in complete safety

Polarized driving lenses not only make driving more pleasant and relaxing, but also significantly increase safety. What factors should you consider when looking for glasses for driving?

Regardless of whether the vehicle is a car, a truck, a motorcycle or a simple bicycle, it is essential to always have perfect visibility.one of the road.
Every time we drive, our eyes are forced to play a very tiring role: Seeing in dazzling sunlight, in low light, in wet roads that create light reflections, in fog, without forgetting peopleone who like us use the road, road signs and traffic lights to observe.

As a good rule, using glasses for driving effectively helps our eyes to counteract all the particular light conditions that can reduce vision.one of the road, generating dangers and possible accidents.

Many actions that we carry out every day are the result of extensive elaborationone of information between the brain and our eyes, such as driving a vehicle. While driving, the eyes collect a considerable amount of information which is subsequently processed by the brain and allow us to carry out actions such as: Preventing and avoiding incorrect maneuvers of others, avoiding any obstacles, or simply putting into practice all the maneuvers necessary for a pleasant and safe driving.

There are some external stimuli that can negatively affect our eyes, which will provide incomplete or incorrect information to the brain, altering perception.one visual, creating dangerous situations, generating tiredness and eye strain, typical of those who drive for long periods of time.

There is no rimnatural edium to help the eyes provide the right information to the brain for all the particular conditions that may arise while driving. However, it is possible to carefully choose the glasses we can wear while driving.

The perfect facesone driving is the combinationone of many factors. It is very important to be able to drive without the annoyance of various reflections and glare, with good contrast and clearly. The wrapping of the frame also plays a fundamental role, in fact it significantly reduces the possibility of light entering from the side and reaching our eyes in an annoying way. The wraparound frame for driving glasses also plays a fundamental role in the event of sudden movements with the head, anchoring the glasses we are wearing to the face.


Basically, using good sunglasses for driving the car (the one used daily) can effectively counteract the eye from intense light. However, it is essential for every motorist or biker to evaluate driving glasses starting from the characteristics and technologies of the lens.

  • Colorsone of the lenses: It is essential to use a color for your driving glassesone of the lens that not only effectively contrasts the light but that generates the right color contrast to see the colors of traffic lights and road signs correctly. Use colored lensesone: Red, Blue, Orangeone, Yellow can create important variations in color contrast, hindering correct facial expressionsone generating dangerous conditions. The correct colors of driving glasses lenses are: Green, Marrone and Smoke. Since compared to lighter lenses they are able to promote better absorption of light, also creating better visual contrast and better perceptionone of colors.
polarized sunglasses lenses for road driving
  • Transmission Categoryone of the lens: Sunglasses for driving should not be too dark either. The category of reductionsone of the brightness or solar filter is represented in numbers from 0 to 4. The lenses: Red, Blue, Orangeone and Yellow mentioned above are positioned on the scale of the category at 2 as reductionsone of transmissionsone of the light.
    The perfect broadcast categoryone of light is 3. To be sure that the glasses you currently use, or the one you will evaluate, have the correct category, you can find them on the internal side of the temple, identified with the writing «Cat.3». It is also essential not to use lenses marked with : Cat.4 for driving any vehicle as there is a Highway Code regulation that prohibits their use because they are too dark. They are lenses generally used for mountaineering or conditionsone of very strong light like Desert.
  • Lens Technology: The polarized lens offers protectionone from UV rays, but not only: in fact this specialand type of lens, is able to concentrate or diverge light rays and attenuate radiation UV-A and UV-B via a polarizing filter which eliminates transverse reflections. These lenses allow you to shield glare and those annoying reflections that are created when sunlight reflects on reflective surfaces, such as wet asphalt on the road, winter snow or a metal surface. For all these characteristics it can therefore be used in the practice of any sport, but also in free time and for driving any vehicle as it significantly reduces eye strain. It also significantly improves the reading of the instrumentsone. It is no coincidence that the polarized lens was created for the sport of fishing, in fact, due to its characteristic of eliminating reflections, it is often used for sports similar to water. Later introduced into nautical sports, the polarized lens has been extended to every type of sport and recommended for driving, as it represents the most relaxing lens for the eye on the market.
  • Lens Material: The choice of lens materials is also essential when choosing your driving glasses. The lens of the glasses must be made of anti-breakage polycarbonate, in fact it must offer maximum protectionone for your eyes in the event of accidental impacts (e.g. impact with an airbag or impact with the surface of the helmet. Anti-breakage represents a specialand characteristic during constructionone of the lens which in the event of very strong impacts prevents the lens from breaking and from fragmenting, damaging the eye. This specialand characteristic of the lens significantly extends the lifespan of the glasses in the event of a fall or impacts not resulting from use of them. The polycarbonate lens is much lighter than conventional lenses, avoiding weighing down the glasses from the front and making them more stable and balanced.
polarized sunglasses for driving


  • Frame material: The frames of the line DEMON are created in TR90, one specialand compositionsone of Nylon and Carbon Fibre. Driving glasses are therefore 20% lighter than conventional materials, increasingone elasticity and comfort, making it non-deformable at high and low temperatures. This specialand material is hypoallergenic, it is therefore biologically safe for direct and prolonged contact with the skin. The TR90 has a memory feature, the frame will adapt to your face by widening to better wrap it, when you remove the glasses the frame will return to its original shape. The consequence of using this material is the considerable increase in the lifespan of your driving glasses compared to glasses produced with conventional materials.
  • Rubberized parts: The rubberized parts inserted inside the driving glasses are the result of years of experience in the sporting field. The use of rubberized parts in sports is widely used in every discipline, in fact the use of hypoallergenic rubbers with functionalone grips are used to prevent all the annoying micro-sliding of the glasses towards the tip of the nose typical in sudden movements or during vibrationsoneIn the field of driving glasses, this technology increases the comfort of the fit of the glasses and their stability during sudden head movements, even with very high temperatures or if you are sweaty from prolonged driving.
  • Frame Shape:  For driving glasses it is very important to have a wide field of vision, therefore wraparound frames are preferred which allow a strong increase in visionone side and favor the contrast of the lateral light by preventing the light from coming into contact with your eyes laterally. The width and thickness of the frame represent only an aesthetic factor that has no relevance for the purposes of use, so that your driving glasses, in addition to being functional, are also aesthetically beautiful and fashionable.

Use polarized glasses DEMON for driving it represents safety for your eyes grazie Bigline's experience in the eyewear field since 1975.

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