OTG technology


La Specialand Technology DEMON OTG (Over the Glasses) means the high compatibility of the product in simultaneous use with prescription glasses.
This makes it possible to practice your favorite sport with maximum comfort and perfect visibilityone of the track and off-piste that only your own eyeglasses can offer. 

The ski and snowboard mask aesthetically looks like a normal snow mask, there are some specialthe parts shaped in the profile of the sponge and in some models the frame is also specially shaped for the allocationone of your optical frame. 
Using an OTG snow mask allows the athlete not to have to use clip graduated during skiing, but it is simply possible to wear your optical frame at the same time as the snow goggle.

In addition to perfect vision while skiing, the benefits also extend when, for example, you stop for lunch or a coffee in the hut. If we used one clip from graduated vision for snow goggles we would be forced to have our prescription frame in our pocket or backpack, however by choosing an OTG snow goggle it will be enough to remove the mask and continue to wear only your prescription glasses.

Click here or for the collectionone complete with snow goggles for skis and snowboards with OTG technology 

For those who ski with a backpack and are looking for maximum performanceone directly grading a clip eyeglasses that can be inserted into every ski and snowboard goggle for both adult and child goggles there is UNIVERSAL CLIP.
In fact, all you need to do is go to your trusted optician for the creationone and the installationone of graduated lenses. This technology is very effective from a safety point of view because in the event of a fall there are no frame rods that could impact the temples.

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