Nordic Walking glasses

In Italian it can be translated as Nordic Walking. Born in the Scandinavian countries many years ago, it was initially practiced by cross-country skiing athletes during preparationone summer-autumn. Later developed as a real fitness exercise. It is practiced outdoors, it is good for the heart and circulationone, strengthens arms and shoulders, also improves back posture and tones buttocks and abdominals.

It consists of walking with sticks. Be carefulone, the technique has a significant impact on performance and benefits.

In fact the instructors of Italian Nordic Walking School of which DEMON is a partner, they are prepared both in theory and in practice to best teach you how to enjoy the beneficial potential that the practice of Nordic Walking can bring you. There are various types of technical materials, from clothing to sticks.

For your eyes DEMON created a line of Ultralight glasses with specific lenses compatible for Nordic practice.

Glasses from 40 grams of weight with TR90 frames, photochromic lenses, interchangeable or 4 category for the more adventurous of mountain. Elastic cords and removable sweat sponges will accompany you to always offer you in all conditionsone the maximum fit.

The materials on primQuality represents the starting point for achieving maximum technicality. Eye safety and health is essential to ensure the sports-loving athlete can focus solely on performanceone and on the emotions you feel while practicing the sporting activity you love most.

All the routes, even the most rugged ones, will be just one of the many pleasures to be tackled in complete safety. Every model in the line DEMON is studied down to the smallest detail. It will therefore be very simple to choose the type of lenses to best experience the mountains in all their emotions, based on how they will be used.

DEMON it is constantly evolvingone in the field of computer technologies sports sunglasses. The mission is to fully satisfy the needs of athletes who want to overcome their limits, from the professional to the simple enthusiast. It's the solutionone with the best quality/price ratio on the market. 

No waivers. Maximum performance always. Discover the range DEMON and the technical glasses that are right for you.

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Nordic walking glasses