Anti-fog lenses are lenses treated on the internal surface with one specialand treatment that generates a reagent film that counteracts the formationone of the annoying condensation that prevents the correct practice of your favorite sport.

Anti-fog is the only chemical treatment currently on the market which, combined with correct channeling of air flows, prevents the lens from fogging up.

This technology is applied to some models in the collectionone of sports glasses, while snow goggles for adults and children are present for each model.

The anti-fog treatment lasts approximately 2 years. 
It is possible if the treatment is exhausted, or your glasses are not equipped with this treatment, to use one specialand liquid prima of your favorite activity which generates a real anti-fog treatment and at the same time carries out an antibacterial cleaning of the lens.

Anti-fog liquid: The bottleone of reagent liquid can be used for every goggle, swimming goggle and snow mask on the market. (For more information click here)

IMPORTANT: In particular conditions of high humidity, even anti-fog lenses may not be able to absorb fogging.