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DEMON is committed to staying in touch with those who have stepsone and lives for sport: cycling, running, mountaineering, skiing and all sports in general.
If you think you can help us make our products known and pass on our stepsone for sport contact us.

We are looking for new faces for DEMON: Influencers, Experts, Opinion Leaders.

mountain glasses for mountaineering, hiking and ski mountaineering

Which figures do we work with


Do you have a Youtube channel dedicated to: Cycling, Running, Outdoor, Travel, Sports? Do you want to test and review new products? Contact us

Influencer Social networks (instagram)

Those with a large following on social media and a sports-oriented profile with quality content (only profiles with a minimum base of 10K followers are evaluated)


Those who have a very high technical level and/or regularly participate in competitions or creationsone of videos or content.

Opinion leader

If you manage groups, pages or in general whether for work or passing byone you are in contact with a large number of athletes.

IMPERIAL model cross-country ski goggles

To submit your application, contact us at: