Graduated Ski Mask

Graduated Ski Mask

Graduated ski mask DEMON for perfect facesone on and off-piste and maximum protectionone for the eyes throughout the day on the snow.

Graduated ski goggle for on-piste and off-piste skiing
Graduated ski goggle for on-piste and off-piste skiing

For all skiers and boarders who wear prescription glasses during the day DEMON has created a line of graduated Snow Masks for maximum protectionone from harmful UV rays and at the same time the perfect faceone, to increase the performance and safety on the track.


There are several solutions for those looking for a graduated ski mask, in fact we consider that not all athletes can tolerate prolonged use of contact lenses. DEMON has thought of all athletes who have difficulty using contact lenses by creating more visual solutions for those who need a graduated ski mask:

  • CLIP UNIVERSAL OPTIC: Il clip universal optical is an excellent solutionone for those looking for a graduated ski goggle for practicing any discipline. There clip universal optics can be inserted both on adult snow goggles and children's goggles (grazi.e. to the soft structure that self-adjusts in the profile of the mask).
    The graduationone it is simple and allows the skier to have the same benefit of wearing his own optical frame, without the bulk of the temples.
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Clip optical sight for graduated ski goggles
Clip optical sight for graduated ski goggles
  • OTG MASK (wearable with eyeglasses): The OTG ski goggle can be worn simultaneously with your optical frame. This allows you to have a real graduated ski goggle without additional lens costs, with maximum comfort and when not in use (example: coffee break in a mountain hut, just remove the ski goggle and continue wearing your ski goggles). view).
    There are various types of ski goggles with this feature, below are the main types of lenses and uses:
Graduated ski mask that can be used with prescription glasses

1- Mirrored Photochromic Lens: The graduated ski mask (OTG technology) with mirrored photochromic lens represents the TOP of the range of the DEMON. The lens is characterized by a mirrored photochromic filter, this precise sequence allows the photochromic lens to darken only when necessary, therefore the more intense the UV will be, the darker the lens becomes. The mirrored photochromic filter of the graduated ski goggle increases contrast by increasing perceptionone of depth and in identifying bumps and depressions, it also allows the eye to be much more rested than common photochromic filters.
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OTG ski mask with blue mirrored photochromic lens
OTG ski mask with blue mirrored photochromic lens

2- Smoke Mirrored Lenses: The graduated ski goggle with aesthetically mirrored smoke lenses presents itself in a more aggressive way than the orange or photochromic lenses (characterized by less strong mirroring). The peculiarity of this lens is that it can also be used for the practice of ski mountaineering. Its use is recommended on sunny days and for days with very strong sun (typical of beautiful days in the mountains) because in addition to direct UV, the mask will also protect from UV reflected from the snow-covered surface.
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Graduated ski and ski mountaineering mask with mirrored smoke lens model ALPINER

3- Orange lenses: The most common lens in ski goggles, the peculiarity of this one specialand lens is the total use in all conditionsone atmospheric and light. The orange lens presents itself as the most flexible lens for those looking for a ski goggle that "does everything" and at the same time best protects the eyes.
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Graduated ski mask with orange mirrored lens

The characteristics of each individual pair of glasses are available in the product sheet of the individual item in the sectionone dedicated to descriptionsone. This way you can choose your ski glasses comfortably from home in ours E-commerce it will be simple, too grazie the chat support available for any technical questions or doubts about which model is best for you.

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