Glasses for urban cyclists

Glasses for urban cyclists with a Fashion / Sport look

Urban cyclists are all those peopleone who use bicycles in everyday life. For all normal journeys: Home - Work / School, shopping or even as a simple alternative to traditional means of transport.

In many respects, urban cyclists have similar needs to the cyclist who practices competitive activity or even the simple amateur.
If in many respects the technicality of the glasses is less important, the fashion aspect is more important (because the glasses will be used even when off the bicycle).

glasses for urban cyclists
glasses for urban cyclists

Urban cycling glasses may be similar to cycling glasses in terms of construction materialsone, however they have a completely different look, more fashionable, more gritty, more fashionable.

All glasses for urban cyclists are equipped with shatterproof lenses (a fundamental aspect in the event of a fall or accidental impact). They are light for maximum comfort and are built with trendy designs, so they can be used even when you get off the bike, for: an aperitif, a tour of the city centre, an ice cream and for any activity you want to do.

sunglasses for urban cyclists
sunglasses for urban cyclists

All sunglasses for urban cyclists are designed for maximum protectionone eyes from the air, insects and dust while cycling in the city, and to be noticed once you get off the bike with that aggressive touch typical of glasses with super mirrored lenses.

Choosing glasses for urban cycling means choosing safe glasses for all your travels and free time, built with the same materials as the glasses used by professionals for road cycling and mountain biking.

Glasses from trekking with mirrored polarized lenses model special black red


The characteristics of each individual pair of glasses are available in the product sheet of the individual item in the sectionone dedicated to descriptionsone. This way you can choose your ski glasses comfortably from home in ours E-commerce it will be simple, too grazie the chat support available for any technical questions or doubts about which model is best for you.

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