Glasses for track cycling

Glasses for track cycling must offer protectionone effective from external elements such as wind, dust and insects, and ensure a clear viewone clear and comfortable while driving. In particular, glasses for track cycling can be equipped with photochromic lenses, capable of adapting to different light conditions while driving, and with polarized lenses, which reduce glare and improve of colors and contrast. Furthermore, track cycling glasses can be characterized by a wraparound shape that adapts to the morphology of the face, ensuring greater stability while riding.

Glasses for road cycling and mtb with red gold mirrored photochromic lens SPEED VENT Matt White

Track cycling is a cycling discipline that takes place on an oval wooden or concrete track, also called a velodrome. Athletes, called pistards, compete in different specialities, including speed, points race, individual and team pursuit, keirin and elimination raceone.

The track consists of two straights and two curves, and is between 250 and 500 meters long, with a width of 7-9 meters. The track surface is inclined to favor the speed and stability of the bicycles.

In the speed, two pistards start opposite and try to catch up for primi the finishing line after three laps of the track. In the points race, athletes compete in a race of endurance and strategy, accumulating points during laps of the track. In the individual pursuit, athletes start opposite and try to complete a 4km course as quickly as possible. In the team pursuit, four athletes from one team take turns on a 4km course. In the keirin, athletes are followed by a motorbike up to around 50 km/h, after which they try to win the race over the final 200 m. In the race to eliminateone, the last track racer to cross the finish line on each lap is eliminated, until there is only one winner left.

Track cycling requires great technical and physical skill, as athletes must pedal at very high speeds and maintain stability on the track's inclined surface. You compete with itone it is often fast and tactical, requiring pistards to plan their moves and make quick decisions.

Track cycling is a very popular sport in many countries, and is often practiced at high-level competitions such as the World Championships and the Olympics.