glasses for pedal-assisted electric bike

Electric bike glasses built with ultra-light and resistant materials, for maximum enjoymenttimento and safety on your E-bike.

Glasses for pedal-assisted electric bikes
Cyclist wears glasses for pedal-assisted electric bike during race

The E-Bike is a constantly evolving worldone, for anyone who wants to have fun on a bicycle, without age limits, universal.

The clothing for the athlete who uses e-bikes is not that different from the cyclist who uses muscle bikes.
Shoes have been created with a more fashionable yet safe and high-performance look, technical clothing that is breathable and protective from the cold and water for the winter. Protective helmets for maximum safety in the event of a fall or accidental impact.

Which electric bike glasses to choose?

To protect your eyes Demon has created a line of perfect glasses for the practice of Road cycling e MTB.
2 distinctions can be made between athletes who use E-bikes based on clothing and types of outing routes:

  • Those who prefer technical clothing: The cyclist who seeks only the most technological materials, the maximum lightness, who doesn't give up anything. This type of cyclist chooses glasses based on the technicality, lightness and technology of the lens to increase their performance sporty in total safety for the eyes.
    A line of technical glasses has been specially created with lenses: Photochromic, interchangeable or Polarized to face every route and every of light.
Electric bike glasses with polarized lenses


  • Fashionable Cyclist: he prefers technical glasses but with that touch of flashiness. The glasses and clothing kit is a must. Mirrored lenses, particular shapes characterize the choice of glasses for electric bikes, it is no longer the unbridled search for technicality but also adds the "beautiful" element
    Demon has also created a Fashion/Sport line with fashion-look glasses built with the materials of sports glasses for maximum performance with that extra touch on the look.
Electric bike glasses with mirrored lenses

For those who use prescription lenses?

For all electric bike cyclists who have difficulty reading the display Demon he created a line vista sport.
Reading the instrument effectively will be normal to allow you to concentrate solely on the pleasure of pedaling

Electric bike eyeglasses