For many riders there is considerable difficulty in using contact lenses for their mountain bike rides. It represents a problem, which over time has fueled many doubts and various perplexities on the internet as to what the solution isone optimal to best fill this need. DEMON has thought of all the athletes and simple enthusiasts who wear them every day glasses, creating a MTB optical frame enveloping, and of sports glasses with Clip view internal, equipped with wide field of view to allow the Rider to concentrate solely on performance, being able to best experience all the emotions you feel during the journey in total freedom and safety. 

mountain bike eyeglasses

The choice of frame material is fundamental, because mountain bike glasses must have certain requirements to be high-performance and at the same time comfortable and practical.

Our frames are in TR90, specialand compositionsone of Nylon and Carbon fiber are 20% lighter than conventional materials and much more resistant to impacts and mechanical traction. Inside the auctions there is the sectionone Hypoallergenic rubber grip that prevents all those annoying micro-slides of the glasses towards the tip of the nose, which cause an annoying sensation ofone and often lead to loss of concentrationone for the athlete. All glasses are designed and created to be enveloping, comfortable and resistant to accidental impacts.

There are several alternatives for those who need MTB eyeglasses:

  • CLIP EYE OPTICIAN: The solutionone with clip from sight it is high-performance and at the same time economical. In fact, aesthetically the glasses are practically identical to the various sports glasses, unlike the internal partone can be installed a clip optician with graduated lenses. There clip it is removable, and if the athlete decides to use contact lenses he can simply use the glasses rimegging the clip from sight. These models are created with different types of lenses: Photochromic (for those who do a lot of zone forest with low light) and interchangeable lenses (which can be chosen and interchanged depending on the light conditions). The powers of sight supported by the clip optics are as follows: Maximum Sphere +/- 8.00 and Cylinder (astigmatism) +/- 2.00.
mountain bike eyeglasses with photochromic lenses


  • EYE SUPPORT: The solutionone with Ocular Support represents sports glasses in all respects, unlike those that behave like optical frames. It maintains all the benefits of sports glasses (enveloping, lightness) but grazie the eyepiece holder allows you to mount a base 6 lens which allows a clear saving in creationone of prescription lenses, and significantly expands their field of vision. This allows you to have glasses that are level performance it represents your optical frame in every way, but with the advantage of being enveloping. You can then choose the type of lenses you want, from the graduationsone simpler to progressive, choosingone also the shade: smoke, marrone, orange, photochromic, etc... This solutionone it represents the best for those who practice mountain biking because it allows you to have an expanded field of vision compared to the use of clip optical, and reduces the risk of distortionone lateral also for higher powers. We recommend creationone of a graduated photochromic lens specialmind for those who plan itineraries with long zone of very dense forest.
glasses vista sport for mountain bikes for progressive lenses


  • TYPE OF LENSES:  (There are different types of lenses to choose from, depending on the needs of each Rider)
Sports eyeglasses for road cycling and mountain biking with photochromic single lens performance rx clip optical
  • Photochromic lenses: With coloursone basic transparent, they start from category 1, in fact they can be used at night as simple protectionone from the air, at the moment of maximum exposureone the intensity of UV rays almost reaches category 3. These lenses can be used both for outdoor and outdoor trips.one of low light. (We recommend this type of lens for both models with clip optics and for the model VISTA SPORT, as they can be used in any conditionsone of light.
  • Interchangeable Lenses (Only for glasses with clip from sight):  The category 3 mirrored lens, in addition to the protectionone which offers protection from the sun and UV rays, generates an aggressive look to your MTB glasses. Therefore being able to play with the most popular and eccentric colors to always be fashionable. In endowmentsone also a pair of high contrast orange lenses, for cloudy weather and a pair of transparent lenses for night or low light days.
mountain bike eyeglasses for professional athletes