electric scooter goggles

Are you looking for electric scooter goggles that protect against air, dust and insects and are safe in case of a fall?
Demon has the solutionone for you.

Glasses for electric scooter

To ride an electric scooter safely, you need to follow some basic rules. PrimAt all costs, you must wear a helmet and protective gloves. Furthermore, you should always try to maintain a safe distance from other peopleone, especially when you're on the move. It is not advisable to go too fast, as this could be dangerous. Finally, you should make sure you know the local regulations regarding electric scooters and follow them carefully.

To protect your eyes from accidents while riding a scooter, you need to wear glasses and a protective helmet. Additionally, wearing sunglasses or protective lenses can help protect your eyes from the sun and ground reflections.

What features should goggles for electric scooters have?

  • Shatterproof Lenses: Choose glasses with shatterproof lenses that guarantee maximum safety in the event of a fall. The shatterproof lens compared to common lenses does not generate fragments or splinters in the event of a fall that could come into contact with the surface of the eye.
shatterproof lens for sports glasses
  • Impact resistant / Wraparound frame: It is very important (as with lenses) that the frame is comfortable and resistant to accidental impacts. We do not recommend the use of metal frames as they are less safe in the event of a fall than frames made of ultra-light plastic materials (typical of sports glasses).
    The wraparound of the frame can be evaluated (but optional) for greater protectionone from: Air, dust, insects and all projections that we may encounter while using the electric scooter.
super elastic and resistant tr90 frame

Aesthetics: Sporty look or Classico?

Choose a sporty look (wraparound glasses) or sunglasses classico for driving your own electric scooter? The choice is purely personal, however we recommend in the evaluationone to choose glasses with shatterproof lenses and a frame made of plastic material with high resistance to accidental impacts.

Which glasses to choose for electric scooter?

Below you will find some models selected by us for riding the electric scooter:

look Classico

Ultra-light brown polarized lens sports fashion glasses
Fashion sports glasses with red mirrored polarized lenses hyper
brown polarized sunglassesone opaque with round lenses


Sporty look

Cycling glasses GRAVEL polarized matte black
cycling glasses with photochromic lenses dchrom model 832 matt black
Men's sports glasses with protectionsone side light mirrored lenses model ROCKET


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