For some models of the collections of sports glasses for mountain, hiking, mountaineering and ski mountaineering it is present in equipmentone a removable elastic band.
It is made of elastic material to promote comfort and stability of the glasses even during the most critical conditions and difficult passages. It also makes the glasses more stable and closer to the face during use, to more effectively protect the eyes from: Air, cold, dust and various projections that the athlete may encounter during his journey.

The models of mountain glasses that are supplied with an elastic bandone I'm: OUTDOOR Cat.4 - OUTDOOR Photochromic lenses - MAKALU cat.4 - MAKALU Photochromic lenses - MASTERPIECE Photochromic lenses  - ASPEN SOLID - CURVE
The models vista sport with elastic band suppliedone: OPTO OUTDOOR RX Photochromic Lenses - OPTO OUTDOOR RX Cat.4 

The elastic band is equipped with an adjustable zipone which allows the athlete to regulateone as desired for perfect comfort when using the glasses.
For the various models in the collectionone there are different types, generally it has 2 attachment points which will be inserted in the appropriate sectionone present on the auction.

For models: COLORADO e ARITION is possible rimCompletely fold the temple and use the elastic band by unfastening it directly on the front using it like snow goggles, for greater comfort, fit and stability of the glasses.

It is also available in collectionsone the universal elastic band in soft hypoallergenic neoprene that can be inserted into any glasses on the market. It can be inserted into the end part of the temple of each pair of glasses and works exactly like the primwith elastic band described above.
Not only can it be used together with the glasses to increase comfort and stability, but it can also be used when the glasses are not being used to avoid losing them.

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It is also available in collectionsone a second universal elastic band that can be installed in any glasses on the market. Unlike the Neoprene band, it has a different attachment to the rod and can also be installed on thicker rods. 
This can also be used when the glasses are not being used to prevent losing them. During work it increases comfort and stability.

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