Cycling glasses with single vision lenses

Cycling glasses with single vision lenses they are designed to help improve vision while cycling. These glasses have lenses with only one correction powerone of sight, in general intended to correct myopia or hyperopia.

Le single vision lenses they can be made of different materials, including glass, polycarbonate or plastic. Polycarbonate is a popular material for cycling eyewear lenses because it is lightweight, durable, and impact-resistant.

When you choose a pair of cycling glasses with single vision lenses, it is important to consider the shape of the lenses and their curvature to ensure they offer a comfortable fitone clear and sharp in all lighting conditionsone. Additionally, your cycling glasses should have a comfortable, secure frame that fits your face well and doesn't interfere with your helmet or other bike riding accessories.

Cycling eyeglasses with blue mirrored lens mask for MTB and BDC


Here is some other important information to consider when purchasing cycling glasses with single vision lenses:

  • Prosthesisone UV: Make sure the lenses of your cycling glasses offer protectionone from the sun's harmful UV rays, as riding a bicycle can expose your eyes to long exposures to UV rays.
  • Treatments speciali: some cycling eyewear lenses may have treatments speciali to improve the appearanceone or protect from the elements, such as anti-reflective, anti-fog or hydrophobic treatments.
  • Lens Color: The lenses of cycling glasses can have different color shades, such as grey, green, brownone or pink, each offering a different level of contrast and protectionone from bad weather. Your choice of lens color will depend on your personal preference and the riding conditions in which you use your cycling glasses.
  • Bridge width and adjustable nosepiece: The width of the bridge of the cycling glasses should be comfortable and not too narrow, so as not to cause discomfort or pressureone on the nose. The adjustable nosepiece helps with adjustmentone of the glasses and increases their comfort.
  • Non-slip rubber inserts: some cycling glasses frames may have insertsrimrubber or silica bodiesone to improve grip and prevent slipping while riding a bicycle.
Women's eyeglasses for road cycling and mtb. Mirrored lens mask for graduated lenses

In general, when purchasing cycling glasses with single vision lenses, it is important to find a pair that offers good optical quality, good fit and adequate from external elements and UV rays.