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Bifocal sports glasses, for those who need bifocal prescription lenses to practice their favorite sport

For all athletes who have difficulty reading instruments during their favorite sporting activity: GPS, heart rate monitor, bicycle computer or a simple geographical map, DEMON created the line SUN READING VISTA SPORT, the evolutionone of the sports frame with an expanded lateral field of vision, which completely revolutionizes the concept of eyeglasses in the sports field. Grazie the use of specialthe eyepiece supports that turn the typical curved lens of sports glasses into a flat base 6 lens where the Bifocal lens can be installed.

La LINE SUN READING is composed of a series of models equipped with a bezel with powers ranging from: +1,5 / + 2,0 / +2,5 created to help the athlete in reading the instruments, without any correctionone in the faceone "from afar". These particular glasses represent an excellent solutionone also from an economic point of view, in fact they allow the athlete to have glasses ready for use, saving considerably on manufacturing
There are 2 different models:



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For which sports is it recommended:
VISTA SPORT It is recommended for all sports that use progressive prescription lenses. Below we list the main sports in which it can be used and where it can be used.rimwere the best of their own performance.

  • Cycling:  Often the cyclist, whether he practices mountain biking or prefers racing bikes, may have difficulty reading the mileage counter of his bicycle, or even simply reading his Create bifocal prescription lenses on the model VISTA SPORT for cycling it is one of the best performing alternatives currently on the market to your optical frame. Using bifocal cycling glasses is the solutionone more effective for those who have difficulty reading all the instruments, you will immediately notice the benefits and at the end of the day you will feel less tired eyes. For perfect visual relaxation throughout your bike ride.
  • Running and Trail Running: As with cycling, the Runner or the Trail Runner has availableone instruments with often very small screens (e.g. GPS, heart rate monitor or the simple Smartphone). It is essential to avoid straining your eyes and at the same time maintain visual relaxation by choosing bifocal lenses for running and running. trail running, which will prevent you from having to interrupt your performanceone to check your activity data. Using sports running glasses with bifocal lenses is one of the best performing alternatives on the market compared to using common optical frames.
  • Hiking and Mountaineering: Especially for the trekker specialmind for reading the GPS or even taking a photo with your smartphoneone using mountain bifocal sports glasses is the solutionone technique for the perfect faceone of one's path and one's tools without any difficulty or hard work for the eyes. 
  • Sport fishing: In sport fishing, the use of bifocal sports glasses is essential for all athletes who find difficulty in the phase of attaching the bait to the hook, or in the phase of fixing the hook itself. For all those small parts we would need a Zoom.




VISTA SPORT it differs from common sports frames for the following advantages:

  • Envelopment: The primunlike what can be seen between VISTA SPORT and a mount from vista sportVAT is the envelopment. You will therefore obtain all the benefits deriving from the shape of the frame typical of sports glasses including: better stability of the glasses on the face during use, greater comfort, greater from light, greater safety in case of accidental impacts, aggressive design and look.
  • Base 6 lens: The base 6 lens is fundamental to the creationone of bifocal lenses for practicing your favorite sport. Grazi.e. to the eyepiece holder which, by bringing the lens to base 6, allows for loweringtimento costs, and the notable reductionone of the risk of creationone of lenses that could create lateral visual disturbances (typical of more curved base 8 lenses).
  • Visionone wider side: You see itone side is significantly wider than the use of classici glasses with clip from sight, which often greatly limit the viewone lateral.
  • No limitationsone of powers: Another great advantage not to be underestimated is the possibility of mounting any type of power for the correctionone visual. Very useful thing specialmind in creationone of bifocal lenses for sports use.
  • Ultralight and resistant frame: The eyepiece support is made of TR90 (nylon and carbon fiber) like the frame, even when mounting lenses that carry tensionone the eyepiece support will resist the frame optimally without breaking. Another aspect that is often underestimated but of great importance.


Frame material: 
The frame and eyepiece holders are made of TR90, a specialand compositionsone of Nylon and Carbon Fiber which makes them ultralight and resistant (20% lighter than using conventional materials). The importance of using this specialand due to its great resistance to: impacts, tractions and tensions, not only will it resist accidental impacts and high and low temperatures without deformation, but the eyepiece support will also be able to resist the fitting of bifocal lenses with particular characteristics (specific for you correct itone athlete's vision) which could create strong tensionone to the mount.
TR90 stands out from other materials for its durability over time, in fact it is a compositeone very long-lasting, a fundamental aspect if you spend a significant amount on the creationone of your prescription lenses.
The material is hypoallergenic and can be used even in the most extreme conditions and for very prolonged use without irritating the skin.

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 We also recommend creation for whatever sport you practiceone of anti-breakage lenses to best protect your eyes from accidental impacts, and the choice of anti-fog treatment to best counteract the creationone of condensation on the internal surface of the glasses.

It is important to point out that choice is createdone lenses for the model VISTA SPORT will be agreed by the customer with his trusted optician. This will allow the customer to choose the type and colourone of the most id lensoneto your needs to obtain bifocal sports glasses for the practice of your favorite unique and high-performance sport. 

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