Base 6 lenses

Base 6 lenses - The solutionone for athletes who use prescription glasses

The typical enveloping shape and the shaped and curved lenses are two characteristics of sports glasses. These characteristics also represent the main difficulties in the creationone and fitting of corrective ophthalmic lenses. The curvature of the lens classico sports glasses are defined as Base 8.
Graduating a lens to base 8, in addition to being very expensive on an economic level, can also be risky in terms of lateral, in fact there is a real risk of visual distortions. So you would find yourself spending a lot on a prescription lens for sports glasses that could give you feelings of dizziness or depth distortions when looking sideways, causing more inconvenience than benefits.

Base 6 lenses are the solutionone more effective for those who want to size up glasses for sports, spending a reasonable amount and minimizing the risk of lateral visual distortions.

What are the vision solutions proposed by Demon with Base 6 lenses:

- Clip optical: The system clip optical is a solutionone with high-performance and economical base 6 lenses. There clip it is attached to the frame of the glasses internally. All you need to do is make common white shatterproof lenses (the anti-reflective or anti-fog treatment is optional).
The lens of the glasses will therefore protect from light and UV rays while the base 6 prescription lenses will allow perfect
Generally the clip size vision only support single vision lenses however Demon has developed for some models of clip very wide that support both bifocal lenses and progressive lenses.
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Clip base 6 view for sports glasses

- Eyepiece holder: The eyepiece holder (developed for the model VISTA SPORT) is a particular vision system that "flattens" the lens from base 8 to base 6.
This allows the wrapping of the sports glasses to be kept unchanged but allowing for a graduationone which does not generate visual distortions in the faceone lateral. Unlike the system clip with this technology a base 6 sun vision lens will be created.
Aesthetically you will not have any clip a view that some athletes may not like with the technicality of real sports glasses, but with base 6 prescription lenses.
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optical support vista sport for bifocal lenses

- Sports optical frames: The collection's sports optical framesone Demon as: SPECIAL e LAYER I'm in base 6
Created with the materials of classico sports glasses, and with the aggressive design typical of sports glasses. They are created with a minimum of curvature to best wrap the face and provide protectionone from air or projections, but at the same time effectively combat fogging.
As with the eyepiece support described above, on these frames it is possible to mount both a transparent graduated lens and a sun viewing lens, for example photochromic, to be able to use the glasses both indoors and outdoors.
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Tennis optical frame with elastic cord LAYER