lenses speciali DEMON with ventilation systemone through ventilation holesone created on the lens, which increase comfort in every situationone climate and reduce internal humidity which generates fogging.
It is important to distinguish which are present in the collectionone DEMON and glasses with particular ventilation holesone what snow masks. This technology is generally applied for models with very wide lenses that require greater areaone to prevent fogging. 


Snow Goggles for Skiing and Snowboarding: 

As for the snow masks, you collect them allone is equipped with Double Lenses with Anti-fog treatment, technologies aimed at counteracting and preventing the creationone of condensation on the internal surface of the lens. However for models with wider lenses where these two technologies combined with ventilationone of the frame are not 100% performing, holes are created in the surface of the lens to increase ventilationone and air recirculation. 
To prevent snow or water from entering between the 2 lenses, there is a spongy protective partone of the holes. 


Sports Glasses and Vista Sport: 

The same concept is repeated for sports glasses, in fact where the arezione is not sufficient to prevent fogging (due to aerodynamic shape or very large lens) there are holes or particular grooves in the surface of the lens. This technology effectively combats fogging even in conditions of low air recirculation, providing the constant sensation ofone relaxing for the eyes.