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Collectone: Ski and snowboard goggles with polarized lenses


Every athlete who practices skiing o snowboard, competitor or simple enthusiast primto purchase the technical equipment that will accompany him for each outing, he carries out careful research on what the most suitable technologies or materials may beonei for practicing your favorite discipline.
Choosing the perfect ski, snowboard or ski mountaineering goggle is essential to guarantee perfect visionone constant of one's path, the maximum relaxation for one's own eyes and the maximum safety in case of unforeseen events such as accidental impacts or extreme light conditions.

As with glasses, also the ski and snowboard goggles can be created with polarized lenses. Those who are used to using lpolarized entities with his own sunglasses he knows the benefits associated with them very well: polarized lenses allow the rays of light to be concentrated or diverged and UV-A and UV-B radiation to be attenuated through a polarizing filter which eliminates transverse reflections. These specialthe lenses allow you to shield the glare and those annoying reflections that are created when sunlight reflects on reflective surfaces, such as the wet asphalt of the road, a body of water or a metal surface and especially on covered surfaces of snow.
For all these characteristics it can therefore be used in the practice of any sport, but also in free time as it reduces eye strain.
Another fundamental feature is the notable increase in contrast providing better perceptionone of natural colors as well as promoting greater relaxation for your eyes even with very prolonged use even with very strong light conditions.

Ski goggles with polarized lenses model peak

The advantages of polarized lenses are:

    • Better you perceiveone of the contrast

    • Visionone clearer

    • No modification of natural colors

    • Eliminatione of transverse reflections

    • Greater relaxation for the eyes in very strong light conditions

Using a polarized lens for skiing and snowboarding or for ski mountaineering is a guarantee for those looking for a lens that best protects their eyes and at the same time allows those who use it to have significant benefits, not only in the field of safety but also visual.

The high contrast that the polarized lens generates in the ski and snowboard goggles allows the athlete to see in a completely different way from normal snow goggles, every ripple, bump and possible obstacle in a clearer and more defined way, increasing their performance, safety and funtimento on and off-piste.

The polarized ski and snowboard goggle is confirmed, together with the polarized photochromic lens, as a guarantee for those who use it. This is no coincidence specialand lens is also often used by those who practice mountaineering as it is able to diverge the transversal rays of light even in conditions of strong glare obtaining the perfect and relaxed faceone. For those who ski on the glacier, or simply on slopes at lower altitudes, it represents the maximum technology in the field of lenses for ski and snowboard goggles. Because it is essential to enjoy your outing as much as possible, and having relaxed eyes is essential for the total duration of it.

The polarized lens for skis and snowboards is equipped with anti-fog treatment, this allows you to effectively counteract the fogging of the lens surface which basically leads to interruptions.one momentary of your activity to clean the inside of the mask.
The polarized lens for ski and snowboard goggles is constructed to form a gap that separates the cold outside temperature from the warm inside of the goggle. It can basically be seen as a sandwich of lenses that provides thermal insulation between the internal and external surfaces.
Some models are equipped with ventilation holesone on the lens, designed to provide ventilation together with the holesone of the frame the perfect circulation of air for the eyes.

skier wears ski goggles with polarized lenses

The polarized lenses for ski and snowboard goggles are unbreakable, in fact they are created to resist even very strong accidental impacts without breaking, thus protecting the athlete's eyes in the best possible way.
Unlike the use of conventional plastic materials, ski and snowboard goggles Demon They are created not only to ensure constant and perfect facesone of the route, but also to effectively protect your eyes from all the unexpected events that may occur while practicing your favorite activity.

The frame of the ski and snowboard goggles with polarized lenses is made of ultra-light and elastic material, created to resist deformation and breakage even at low temperatures and accidental impacts.
Some models are equipped with movable side wings to facilitate the perfect fit with every snow helmet on the market.

The elastic is adjustable and equipped with silic grip technologyone to increase adhesion to the helmet, preventing the polarized ski and snowboard goggle from moving during your outing.

For those who wear prescription lenses for skiing and snowboarding, there are also various possibilities for using ski and snowboard goggles with polarized lenses:

    • OTG mask: Literally Over The Glasses. This particular technology allows you to wear your own eyeglasses under the mask grazie to one specialand shaping of the internal sponge and a flatter frame than common ski and snowboard goggles.
      With polarized lens combined with photochromic technology we have created the model TECHNO, which is confirmed as a must for those who want a lens that is reactive and changes color, adapting to all conditionsone of light with all the benefits of a polarized lens.

    • CLIP SIGHT: It is possible to evaluate the choice of a clip universal in which to insert prescription lenses through your optician. This is to be able to have all the benefits of the polarized lens for skiing or snowboarding without giving up the use of your own prescription lenses.​